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Matthew Klein

Responses to a recent question on correct hunting attire for an honorary whipper-in provoked orthodox viewpoints from our Panel of Experts and some unorthodox comments. FHL is always happy to publish thoughtful commentary from our readers. Here’s one from Matthew Klein: foxhunter, professional photographer, and self-confessed contrarian.

As an orthodox iconoclast, I take exception to the notion of "proper attire." Proper, or "correct" being something different from standards of cleanliness, durability, utility, etc.

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+1 # Robert and Iona Pillion 2011-02-03 08:34
Matthew you are wonderful. also would like to add that when ladies wore patent leather tops on their boots ( an American thing?) if you crossed your legs you did not get polish on your breeches! Of course you should clean your boots better
+1 # Viviane Warren 2011-02-10 07:40
Check out this week's Middleburg Life wherein "The Master's Voice" (i.e. a retired MFH that we all know) comments about correct attire.

I'm for keeping the "old" tradition. Viviane Warren OCH

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