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Red Mountain Foxhounds


Rougemont, NC


Dr. Bruce Dalton, MFH of the Red Mountain Foxhounds in Rougemont, North Carolina, was killed last week when his single-engine plane crashed in Colorado. Dalton was sixty-nine and a certified, experienced pilot. His friend and passenger, Steven Huber, an instrument-rated commercial pilot was also killed. The crash is under investigation.

Dalton was a pediatrician and a specialist in occupational health. He was the retired founder of Occu-Health, Inc. A graduate of Davidson College and the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, he also earned Masters Degrees in health care administration from Baylor University and in public health from Johns Hopkins University.

Dalton’s death is a shock to the Rougemont community, where he shared the Mastership with Irmgard Hill, Garry Riggs, Ronnie King, and Angela Royal, at whose home I had the privilege to meet him. He was congenial, amusing, and full of life.

In 2003, Dalton lost a leg below the knee and broke his hip in a glider crash. Doctors told him he shouldn’t expect to walk again, but he came back to ride horses, dance, fly planes, and ski.

For further details, see Tammy Grubb’s article in the News & Observer.

Posted September 19, 2012

angelaroyalAngela Royal, MFH  /  Sarah McKee photoAngela Royal of Rougemont, North Carolina has been elected Joint-Master of the Red Mountain Foxhounds.

She has been a dedicated supporter of the hunt for more than fifteen years, serving as Field Master, hosting the hunt’s annual Boxing Day Celebration, and participating in hound shows. She currently serves as whipper-in.

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conner_and_lawyerHuntsman David Conner and Rockbridge Lawyer 2008.              Jan Sorrells photo

Rockbridge Lawyer 2008 and his littermate Lead scored a one-two punch at the Carolinas Foxhound Performance Trials on March 26 and 27 in Hoffman, North Carolina. Competing against hounds from twelve other hunts, the Rockbridge pair finished first and second respectively after two days of hunting. We talked to Conner about his handsome and talented hound.

Trial organizer Fred Berry, MFH of the Sedgefield Hunt, has been actively involved in foxhound performance trials for years—first judging, then organizing. As a result of Berry’s considerable experience, he has introduced some interesting new wrinkles into the management of his trials to improve both the hunting and the experience for the field.

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“Where did the term ‘ratcatcher’ come from?” asks Carol Riggs, whipper-in to the Red Mountain Foxhounds in North Carolina. “I know there are many, many ideas about this, but I would love to know the real history of the term ratcatcher.”

When it comes to etymology, Steven Price, the newest member of our Panel of Experts, is the first person I would think to consult. For Steven, words are beguiling toys to play on, to savor, to manipulate. He is the author or editor of thirty-five books, including the Lyon’s Press Horseman’s Dictionary. Here’s what he had to say:

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Betsy and friends escape frozen Virginia for a week of hunting in warmer climes. We bring you her daily blog, exclusive to Foxhunting Life. 

First Installment

2011_Aiken_Day_2Don Palus, Dawn Cline, Maggie Johnston, and Jackie Burke stretch their horses' legs in the Hitchcock Woods in preparation for Hunt Week in Aiken, SC.

It poured rain last night. Woke up several times with rain pelting the tin roof of our cottage, but when I opened the door to see if we were going to float away I couldn't help notice it was weirdly warm. Like sixty degrees warm! Odd.

This morning dawned light and sunny and toasty warm. I stripped down to just my turtleneck layer for the horse trials next door.

At Full Gallop Farm, they hold training horse trials—intermediate level all the way down to beginner novice—attracting hundreds of competitors. Our Hunt Week crew is volunteering for duty to "earn" the right to school/ride/hack over their hundreds of acres of cross country jumps, show jumping fences, and dressage arenas.

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