Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Radnor Hunt


The Old Dominion Hounds were formed in 1924 as a private pack by Sterling Larrabee. During the first season, Mr. and Mrs. Larrabee hunted every day the weather allowed—either alone or with a few farmers and friends—up until Christmas. In January of 1924, the couple went abroad and hunted in England.

For the first few years, Mr. Larrabee had to contend with a scarcity of foxes and relatively few unsatisfactory hounds, but he persevered. Matters improved until 1930, then the Depression hit. To keep the pack going, Larrabee changed the name of the pack from Mr. Larrabee’s Hounds to The Old Dominion Hounds and began to accept subscriptions. His many difficulties notwithstanding, Mr. Larrabee sacrificed much to keep the Old Dominion Hounds going.


Bright Hunting Morn: The 125th Anniversary of Radnor Hunt, The Derrydale Press, 2008, 357 pages, four-color, 10-1/4 x 14 inches (large format), glossy, ISBN 1-58667-111-1

"...beautiful tome, written and crafted with great attention to detail....wonderful vintage photographs and gorgeous artwork....magnificent." (Covertside, Spring 2009)

BrightHuntingMorncoverThis article from The Philadelphia Inquirer on November 29, 1889 was reproduced in Bright Hunting Morn: The 125th Anniversary of Radnor Hunt by Collin F. Mc Neill. The merits of the English and the American hounds were being argued by their respective proponents even then!


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