Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Potomac Hunt


Montgomery County, Maryland


centstates2011.bvmeadowSandy Dixon, MFH and huntsman and Brazos Valley Meadow 2006  /  Greg Germann photoWhen Sandy Dixon put her Brazos Valley Catfish 2006 to a Potomac-bred bitch that she entered as Brazos Valley Meadow 2006, it was no chance encounter. Dixon knew what she was doing. She is Master and huntsman of the Brazos Valley Hunt (TX), and her success as a breeder of hound show winners was already established.

With this breeding, Dixon was starting with good material. Catfish was Grand Champion of the Southwest Hound Show three years running: 2007, 2008, and 2009. On the distaff side, Potomac-bred Meadow brought a few credentials of her own.

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Three long-time residents of Potomac, Maryland spoke recently to a standing-room-only crowd at a local restaurant about their town’s past. Two of the three speakers—Bob Hanson and Leonard Proctor—had hunted with the Potomac Hunt. Hanson related an amusing anecdote about a recalcitrant General George Patton.

“Patton was not a gentleman when it came to jumping his horse," Said Hanson. "If a horse balks and refuses to jump, the rider is supposed to pull the horse to the side and let the others behind him go ahead and take the jump. However, Patton would try jumping his horse again and again, holding up the rest of the [field]. This made me really angry, and I wanted to tell him, but I held my tongue.”

The talks were part of a series of events sponsored by the Potomac Oak Shopping Center in an effort to strengthen the bonds of the community. For the complete article, click here.

Posted February 9, 2012

Ray_7_copyRay Carter hunting the New Market-Middletown Valley hounds in 1981 / Janet Hitchen photoRaymond Allaeys Carter died peacefully at home in Middletown, Maryland on June 20, 2011 from complications related to prostate cancer. Ray was born in Yorkshire, England in 1930. Times were tough in those years and money was scarce. Ray, however, with a natural love of horses always found a way to beg rides on farmer’s draft horses returning from work in the fields.

He cleaned stalls at a local stable to be able to ride. He was a natural athlete and was soon riding some of the fancier ponies in local gymkhanas. When he finished school at age fourteen, his parents, loath to let him work in the local mines, arranged an apprenticeship for him with a racing stable in Newmarket. He was basically an indentured servant, receiving only a pound a month for learning a trade. At the end of five years he was earning twenty pounds a year.

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don_maley.karen_kandraDon, Sara and Alice Maley at the Virginia Foxhound Show / Karen Kandra Wenzel photoDonald Maley, an experienced honorary whipper-in with several Virginia hunts, has joined the ranks of the professionals. He will whip-in to the Potomac Hunt (MD) foxhounds starting this season.

Maley, a farrier, has whipped-in to Oliver and Michael Brown at Rappahannock, Troy Taylor at Middleburg, and Billy Dodson at Thornton hill, all over a period of twenty-two seasons.

“I’ve been doing it for free for so many years, I decided that if I’m going to keep at it I might as well get paid,” quipped Maley. Then he turned serious.

“I’ve been a horse shoer for twenty-five years,” he said. I shod three-day horses on an international level, traveling the world. Now I have a daughter growing up, and I’ve done enough traveling. I think I have what it takes to hunt hounds eventually, and that’s what I’m aiming for.

Maley will be whipping-in to huntsman Larry Pitts at Potomac—a highly regarded huntsman and a brilliant breeder of foxhounds.

“I’m learning so much from Larry already,” Maley said. “I need to learn the kennel side of hunting—breeding and raising hounds, and Larry is helping me a lot.”

Posted June 20, 2011

MD_Foxhound_Show_5-8-11_062New Market-Middletown Valley Unity was Champion American Foxhound / Karen Kandra Wenzel photoFor most of the horse world, the first Saturday in May means the Kentucky Derby, but in Maryland and much of the Mid-Atlantic it has come to mean hunt races at the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hunt on Saturday and the Maryland Foxhound Club puppy show on Sunday. This year the dates fell on May 7 and 8.

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