Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound
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FHL WEEK, September 1, 2020

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Liam Clancy: Foxhunter, Artist


                               “Elegance.” Maureen Conroy Britell out with the Piedmont Fox Hounds (VA). Acrylic paint on textured acrylic paper.

Irish artist Liam Clancy made a fast tour of the Virginia and Maryland hunting countries during the first week of March 2020—just before the world stopped in its tracks as the result of COVID. He got in some hunting, both mounted and on foot, and he gathered material for his work—painting commissions.

Liam works mostly in acrylic paint, which he likes for its versatility. “I can dash off something that looks like a watercolor, or build up a painting in layers as you would with oils,” he explains.

The Goshen Hounds_15x20inGoshen Hounds (MD) “with whom I had a hugely enjoyable day's sport." Acrylic paint on a stretched canvas.

Entirely self-taught, Liam’s light was lit many years ago in agricultural college when he found himself earning spare cash from fellow students by painting their gundogs and hunters.

“I’m very much a hunting man first and an artist second,” he said. He has been most influenced in his work by Lionel Edwards, Snaffles, and Cecil Aldin (whom he considers greatly underrated).

                               Greg Schwartz, former huntsman , Bull Run Hunt (VA), “who tragically died shortly after my visit. His partner, Amy Savell, was extremely kind and helpful to me on my stay in Virginia, and I subsequently gave this little painting to her.” Acrylic paint on textured acrylic paper.

“I aim for authenticity and a little twist of humor,” he says in describing his work, and he clearly achieves that aim. Though he admits to painting with relish those immaculate riders on blood horses—Maureen Conway Britell for example—other works bring out the humor and down-to-earth images of the hunting field that are so much a part of his output.

                               “The inimitable” Robert Taylor, MFH and huntsman, Goshen Hounds. Acrylic paint on textured acrylic paper.

“I have always been drawn to trying to capture the farmer on the refusing three-year-old, or the cold, miserable, ten-year-old who can’t wait to get off her pony and go home!” he says.

                               “The Golden Thread.” Richard Roberts, “the particularly impressive huntsman to the Middleburg, with his favourite bi*ch.” Acrylic paint on textured acrylic paper.

Liam’s specialty is painting commissions, and, unlike some artists, he enjoys dealing with his clients and batting ideas about with them. To contact Liam, Click.

Posted September 5, 2020

KK1Artist Liam Clancy enjoying his day with the Goshen Hounds / Karen Kandra photo