Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound
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FHL WEEK, September 12, 2019

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This Week in...


The Old Coop on My Half Farm by Sarah Martin
Remembering an old, disused Bridlespur hunt coop with both a sporting and a romantic verse. (pg. 2)

...Hunting Days of Yore

Squire Osbaldeston: A Sporting Prodigy
Master and huntsman, rowdy rake, quick to take offense as well as give it, and impossible to forget. (pg. 3)


Andre Pater: An American Journey
An exhibit of sixty-nine works by the modern master scheduled for exhibit at the Headley-Whitney Museum. (pg. 6)

...Subscribers’ Space

Coyote In the Mist: A Fleeting Engagement by Derek French
Was this brief confrontation between human and wildlife a 2-way communication or just a sizing-up? (pg. 8)

...Our Hunting World

A Woman’s Place by Salley McAden McInerney
A hunt coat, unworn for 44 years, the owner’s journey full-circle back to the hunting field at Camden, and a surprise waiting in the coat pocket. (pg. 11)