Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound
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FHL WEEK, Nov. 18, 2022

Here is your issue of FHL WEEK in PDF format. Please view this link at anytime to view and/or download past issues. (Be sure to log in first).

This Week in...

...Hunt Reports

Scarlets in Virginia
It's now the season of braided hunt horses, spotless turn-out, tally ho wagons, and outdoor blessings. In other words, it’s time for Opening Meet!  (Pg. 3)

An Irishman’s View of Kansas
James Tonery has a fun video of hunting with Mission Valley for their 2022 Opening Meet.  (Pg. 8)

Revisiting Opening Meet
Kansas photographer Olivia Danielle Long attended Mission Valley Hunt’s 2022 Opening Meet at the Fin and Feather fixture in Kansas, and it brought it back memories of foxhunting as a teenager.  (Pg. 10)

Leilani Gray gives a hunt report of a very popular hunt that occurred early in October in southern Middle Tennessee.  (Pg. 20)

...Picture of the Week

Both Ends of the Spectrum
Steph Burch has some wonderful images from several English foxhunts this season.  (Pg. 7)


A Season of Field Hunter Competitions
At the start of every hunt season, several field hunter competitions showcase the skills of hunt members and their mounts.  (Pg. 12)

A Dorset Huntsman Convicted of Illegal Hunting
Mark Pearson, Joint Master and Huntsman for the South Dorset Hunt, was found guilty this October of illegal hunting.  (Pg. 22)


Fun Without Ribbons
This past weekend Blair Snively and her horse Blaze, members of the Bedford County Hunt, competed at the MFHA Field Hunter Championship Qualifier hosted by Deep Run Hunt at the Pine Crest Farm in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia.  (Pg. 17)


"Well Done, Chaps!"
Cathy Antkes Choyce drew this wonderful scene, showing those “invisible tethers” that tie a hound to the huntsman.  (Pg. 21)

...Special Blog (Advertisement)

3 Ways Equilibrium Can Benefit Your Fox Hunter
The leaves are starting to change and the mornings are getting a little cooler, that means it's time to pull out the stock tie and fill up your flask.  (Pg. 23)

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