Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound
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FHL WEEK, November 7, 2019

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This Week in...


Tommy Lee Jones: 50 Years Huntsman at Casanova
The huntsman who enjoys a national reputation as a horseman, houndsman, judge, show manager, and writer. (pg. 2)


Sporting Art Auction 2019 at Keeneland by Norman Fine
With anticipated prices ranging from $900 to six figures, the auction offers value for every dollar and every pocket book. (pg.3)

...Our Hunting World

Friendships Through Foxhunting by Kevin Keesee
A midwinter foxhunting trip proves that no matter how many foxhunting friends you have, there are many more out there waiting for you. (pg. 8)

...Hunt Reports

Whipper-in Turns Traffic Cop by Derek French
Observing a few busy and amusing moments for the new whipper-in at Eglinton and Caledon. (pg. 13)


How Horses Sleep by Bill Fish
Do horses sleep deeply standing up or must they lie down? How many hours of sleep do horses need on a daily basis? Do they dream? (pg. 15)