Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound
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FHL WEEK, June 30, 2020

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This Week in...

...Bonus Articles

The Great Hound Match: Day 4 by Martha Wolfe
Harry Worcester Smith’s American-bred foxhounds run a fox at a brutal pace for hours before putting it to ground.


Belle Meade Master Charlie Lewis Steps Down after 21 Years by Norman Fine
Financial Manager, builder of hunt facilities, one-man welcoming committee, retires as Master.   (pg. 1)

...Guest Commentary

Keyboard Bullying Harms Your Hunt and Your Sport by Rachel Wilkoski
The author worries, rightly, that incivility and personal attacks on the part of foxhunters on social media is harming our sport.  (pg. 7)


The Fox’s Prophecy by D.W. Nash
In a prescient poem for the times, the fox believes that all humans, at both ends of the philosophical spectrum, have something to answer for.  (pg. 11)


Robert A. Kinsley, MFH
The Elkridge-Harford Master who built a business empire and gave so much of himself back to the hunt, the community, the cause of preservation, and the nation’s history.  (pg. 15)