Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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The Potomac Hunt (MD) hosted a farewell reception April 21, 2011 for professional whipper-in Steve Currey and his wife Kelley. Currey, who has  whipped-in to Potomac huntsman Larry Pitts for ten years, takes up his new position as kennel huntsman and first whipper-in at the Arapahoe Hunt (CO).

crawford_skip__vickie_steve_curryPotomac Joint-Masters Skip and Vicki Crawford give Steve Currey a sendoff party

 pitts_larry__steve_curryPotomac Huntsman Larry Pitts shares laughs and memories with Steve Curre

Steve Currey emigrated to the U.S. from Wales where he hunted with the Welsh Curre Hunt and the LLanggidy Hounds and raced in point-to-points. Read more about Currey in MFH Mary Ewing's article in the Arapahoe Newsletter.


Posted April 29, 2011


+2 # Mary Ewing 2011-07-21 12:27
Steve Currey is learning that foxhunting in Colorado with the Arapahoe Hunt means spending glorious days riding cross-country behind an enthusiastic pack of English foxhounds chasing elusive coyotes.

More recently, he participated in a 4th of July Parade on Highlands Ranch, the former hunt territory of the Arapahoe Hunt, now a city of 100,000. It seemed as though all 100,000 turned out for the parade, each riding a scooter, skateboard, motorcycle or other loud device sure to create fear in any herd animal. G. Marvin Beeman, D.V.M. and Joint Master, having spent his boyhood on the Highlands Ranch learning everything there is to know about hunting from his legendary father, George Beeman, former huntsman, now deceased, led the small group with Steve Currey, joint master Mary Ewing, Dannielle Heller and 7 year old Samantha Heller. Dr. Beeman and Mary Ewing were both mounted on horses born on the Highlands Ranch. Young Samantha seemed to enjoy the parade the most and especially having the opportunity to practice her "royal" wave!

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