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atherstone hunt

The two hundred-year-old Atherstone Hunt that hunts country in West Leicestershire and North Warwickshire (UK) has ceased hunting for the remainder of the season. Bordering the four hundred square mile Atherstone hunting country are the iconic Pytchley and Quorn hunts.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Atherstone said, “We are sad to report that following a hunt committee meeting on Monday, October 7, 2019, a decision was made for the Atherstone to cease hunting activities for the 2019/20 season with immediate effect.

“The longer-term future of the Hunt and its country is being considered with regards to a possible amalgamation or sharing of kennels.

“However, the welfare of the hounds remains the priority at this stage.

“Arrangements have been made to draft hounds to other packs but while they remain in kennels they are being looked after by hunt staff under the supervision of the Masters.

“We would like to thank everyone and in particular our farmers and landowners for their generous support.”

The West Midland Hunt Saboteurs organization claims victory after an aggressive six-year campaign targeting the pack. The Canary reports that audio leaks from an Atherstone Hunt meeting revealed that acts by hunt followers had left the hunt uninsured. The alleged acts included a pro-hunting farmer riding a quad into a saboteur, one man slashing the tire on the group’s vehicle, and two men throwing manure at anti-hunt protesters.

A spokesperson for the saboteurs’ organization claimed the hunt had been out only three times this season, that the huntsman had left, annual staff turnover was high, and that the hunt was losing members.

Posted October 12, 2019


# Guest 2019-10-17 10:51
So sad but a good example of what they are facing over there.
# Peter Grady 2019-10-17 12:52
It is indeed frustrating to read about these unfortunate events. Not clear if they were hunting live or drag. If they were hunting drag there would be no reason for sabs to be there - lots of legal opportunities to pursue the sab "scent". Even if they were hunting live there must have been many violations of the law by sabs which were not followed up or not energetically pursued by hunt members/reps/po lice? Where are the lawyers who should do a small amount of targeted work "pro bono" ?
# Olga Danes-Volkov 2019-11-23 14:10
We have no hunting live, no matter what the sabs say. It was banned in 2004 and we make do with trail hunting. Designated people trail a smelly rag in as near an approximation of real hunting as possile. Sabs take the moral high ground despite doing some horrible things both to humans and animals. If I walked down the street wearing the same outfit as a terrorist or bank robber, I'd be arrested. A hunt saboteur refuses to remove their mask. If they're that passionate about it, surely they'd want to be recognised??
# Sarah Martin 2019-10-23 11:07
Terrible news. Peaceful protest does not seem obtainable

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