Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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The Songs of Foxhunting (Book)

Regular Price: $45/Subscriber Price: $40.50

$45.00 each

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Collected (and signed) by Alexander Mackay-Smith
The American Foxhound Club, 1974

A collection of words and music celebrating the exploits of hounds, horses, and huntsmen which for over two centuries foxhunters have loved to sing. Seventy-seven illustrations accompany the unique stories behind each of the twenty songs in the collection.

Although published in 1974, the books offered here are brand new first editions, signed by the author, that Mrs. Mackay-Smith has just made available. Considered rare, judging by the prices listed for used versions through Amazon and other sources, Mrs. Mackay-Smith has priced them at $45.00—substantially less than the original publication price. She knows that her husband would have wanted them in the hands of as many foxhunters as would enjoy them, rather than a select few who could afford to pay more for a rare book by an iconic figure of twentieth century foxhunting.

The music and stories include John Peel; Drink, Puppy, Drink; A-Hunting We Will Go; The Fox (“A fox went out on a chilly night”); The Fox Jumped Over the Parson’s Gate; The Hunting Day (“What a fine hunting day, ‘Tis as balmy as May”); Here’s a Health to Every Sportsman; Rouse, Boys, Rouse; The Fox Chace (The morning was fair, As I rode to take the air”); The Ballad of the Badsworth Hunt; The Huntsman’s Rouse; The Killruddery Hunt; The Hunting of Arscott of Tetcott; Steepleford Hunting Song; Holmbank Hunting Song; Beau Reynolds (Ye sportsmen all of high renown”); A Southerly Wind and A Cloudy Sky; Reynard the Fox, With His Last Will and Testament (“‘Twas the twenty-first of March in the year ninety-three); Hunting Song of Mr. Meynell’s Time; and The Billesdon Coplow Run.

And Foxhunting Life offers the perfect accompaniment to the book—a CD of all the songs recorded in New York at the time of the book’s publication, re-mastered from the original studio tape.

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