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The Whipper-In's Horse


Every whipper-in needs a steady horse that will willingly leave the crowd, jump the fences as they come, and stand quietly at the gates. It's even better when the horse actually helps with the gates!

Here's a clip through the helmet cam of Cheryl Microutsicos whipping in to the Stonewall Hounds on Uzi—a horse that would put a smile on any whipper-in's face.

The Keswick Hunt...In Motion!

Here’s Phil Audibert's cleverly edited video montage of the Keswick Hunt’s 2014/2015 foxhunting season, set to the music of the Ryegrass Rollers. The fox, the hounds, huntsman Tony Gammell, Masters, staff, and the Keswick field members all play the starring roles in this fast-paced romp through the Virginia countryside.

The Littered Fields of Ledbury: A Helmet-Cam View

The Ledbury hunting country is legendary—and legendarily terrifying. We accompany Leslie Wylie’s story with this helmet-cam video of British eventer Alice Pearson midst a large field of riders, passing horseless riders in field after field, until she takes a hard tumble herself.

Posted February 21, 2016

The Ledbury Foxhounds at Manor Farm

Here’s eventer Alice Pearson’s helmet-cam video of her return to the hunting field for the first time since her hard tumble several weeks earlier. Her video captures the Manor Farm meet on the day that journalist Leslie Wylie joined the Lady Martha Sitwell for their day with the Ledbury Foxhounds. See Wylie’s story below, “Part III: I Got Ledburied (and Liked It).”

The Hubertus Hunt: Foxhunting in Denmark

hubertus huntClick to view.

The Hubertus Hunt steeplechase race in the Dyrehaven park near Copenhagen has been held annually since 1900. The roots of the race go back to the 1680s, however.

At that time, King Christian V designed a network of tracks in the park to afford him an overview of the progress of the Royal Danish Hunts, a popular past-time for the nobles. Dyerhaven served for centuries as the center for the hunts. Today, the quarry is symbolized by fox brushes attached to the tails of two of the horses in the race.

This year, 30,000 spectators watched the 160 riders race over the eleven-kilometer course negotiating thirty-two obstacles and finishing with an eight hundred-meter dash to the finish. Crown Princess Mary presented the trophy to the winner.

The riders’ attire is described as the traditional Danish costume of red and white. However, it looks suspiciously akin to the scarlet coats and white britches of eighteenth century England. If that truly represents the hunting attire which the Danish foxhunters of the 1600s were clad, we are forced to rethink our foxhunting history!

Posted November 9, 2017

Green Creek/Aiken Joint Meet in Tryon, NC

Here are the first twenty minutes of a fast moving fifty-minute coyote chase in the Green Creek Hounds (SC) hunting country. It was recorded on October 6, 2019 by Donald “DJ” Jefferis, MFH, Green Creek, during a joint meet with the Aiken Hounds (SC). The coyote makes a brief appearance. With the audio on, it will drive any dogs in your house wild with excitement.

DJ is Field Master and videographer, riding his big gray Irish Sport Horse, Pogue Mahone. The two riders in front through most of the run are Green Creek huntsman David Raley and Aiken huntsman Katherine Gunther. Occasionally seen in the clip, riding just behind DJ, is Wendy Collins Gutfarb, MFH, Aiken.

Tally Ho, Gone Away!

Posted October 14, 2019

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