Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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The Ledbury Foxhounds at Manor Farm

Here’s eventer Alice Pearson’s helmet-cam video of her return to the hunting field for the first time since her hard tumble several weeks earlier. Her video captures the Manor Farm meet on the day that journalist Leslie Wylie joined the Lady Martha Sitwell for their day with the Ledbury Foxhounds. See Wylie’s story below, “Part III: I Got Ledburied (and Liked It).”

The Keswick Hunt...In Motion!

Here’s Phil Audibert's cleverly edited video montage of the Keswick Hunt’s 2014/2015 foxhunting season, set to the music of the Ryegrass Rollers. The fox, the hounds, huntsman Tony Gammell, Masters, staff, and the Keswick field members all play the starring roles in this fast-paced romp through the Virginia countryside.

Sure, And the Going Was Soft!


As the owner of a multi-media production studio, Steve Toepp knows what he wants to convey in his foxhunting videos but he finds it to be a challenging task.

“Filming while mounted is the most difficult type of videography I have ever encountered,” Toepp says. “I am trying to develop riding techniques that keep the camera flowing smoothly. GoPros have good optics but bad sound if kept in the housing, so I usually use a hand-held and a helmet cam. It helps to grow eyes in the side of your head so that when you are shooting the person running beside you, you don’t run into a tree or ravine.”

Toepp is a member of the Battle Creek Hunt Club in Augusta, Michigan, where he was awarded his colors. He learned to ride in the hunting field at the age of forty-seven. The advice he got from his sister, whipper-in Kathleen Neuhoff, and his fellow field members was, hold on tight and don’t interfere with the horse; the horse knows what to do and will take care of you.

“They were right,” says Toepp, “and I fell in love with foxhunting.”

This video features hunts with the County Roscommon, North Tipperary, County Galway (The Blazers), and the Flowerhill Equestrian Center.

Posted May 31, 2014

The Whipper-In's Horse


Every whipper-in needs a steady horse that will willingly leave the crowd, jump the fences as they come, and stand quietly at the gates. It's even better when the horse actually helps with the gates!

Here's a clip through the helmet cam of Cheryl Microutsicos whipping in to the Stonewall Hounds on Uzi—a horse that would put a smile on any whipper-in's face.

March Madness in Montford


Photographer Phil Audibert in Gordonsville, Virginia has been practicing his artistry with the still camera in the hunting field for some time. Recently he’s been experimenting with the video camera. Here’s the Keswick Hunt (VA) in action with views of the hunted fox, Keswick’s pack of American hounds in full cry, and staff and field galloping and jumping to stay with hounds.

Irish-born Tony Gamell is the huntsman, and the background music, appropriately, is an Irish reel called The Star of Munster. Click to see more videos and photo galleries on Phil’s website.       

Posted May 19, 2014