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juliet.bread2Juliet Mackay-Smith, chef and proprietor of Locke Modern Country Storecontest_winnerResults are in for our Hunt Breakfast Recipe Contest! Our judge Juliet Mackay-Smith has made her selections, and we will pin the winning recipes with a blue ribbon within the website so readers will know which recipes have received these honors.

“Born into a foxhunting family, I have had first-hand experience of what makes for satisfying fare at a hunt breakfast...both for the hosts to prepare and for the guests to consume," said Mackay-Smith.

"In reviewing the recipes for the Foxhunting Life contest, I considered several things: (1) interest,  availability, and quality of ingredients; (2) relative ease to prepare, store, serve, and consume; and (3) gustatory satisfaction for the foxhunter coming in from a day’s hunting.

“Some of the categories were extremely competitive, and some of the narratives and titles were compelling and humorous. The final selections were tough calls! There are certainly many recipes that didn’t make the cut but were worthy contenders. Thank you to all who shared their recipes. I look forward to using some of them for my personal entertaining. Happy hunting!”

Tie for First Place
Salsa di Parmigiano (Glop) and Cheese Dip by Andrew Clarke, King City, ON
Bacon Bombs by Lynn Carlisle, Aiken Hounds (SC), Iroquois Hunt (KY), Why Worry Hounds (SC)

Breads and Muffins
First Place: Hunt Muffins by Bonnie Sue Rosenberg, Green Spring Valley Hounds (MD)
Second Place: Pain de Maiz by Helen Litt, West Hills Hunt (CA)

Main Dishes
Tie for First Place:
Rough Rider Venison Chili by Karen Montcrief, Belle Meade Hunt (GA)
New Mexico Green Chili Stew by Nancy Ambrosiano, Caza Ladron Hunt (NM)
Second Place: Catfish Stew by Tom Lee, Belle Meade Hunt (GA)

Flask Concoctions
First Place:  Rusty Nail by Cheryl Microutsicos, Stonewall Hounds (VA)
Second Place:  Gordon Wright’s Stirrup Cup by Eleanor McMannon, Belle Meade Hunt (GA)

Soups and Salads
First Place:  Broccoli Salad by Carey Wendler, West Hills Hunt (CA)
Second Place:  Spicy Seafood Bisque by Erin and Jill Kelly, West Hills Hunt (CA)

Side Dishes and Accompaniments
First Place: Baked Apples by Deborah Furmage Massie, Thornton Hill Hounds (VA)
Second Place: Cheese Grits by Jack B. Smith, Belle Meade Hunt (GA)

Desserts and Sweets
First Place: Andrews Bridge Peachy Bread Pudding by Susan Hoffman, Andrew’s Bridge Foxhounds (PA)
Second Place: Master James’ Favorite Coca Cola Cake by Ruth Wilson, Belle Meade Hunt (GA)


DSC_0483Juliet Mackay-Smith is the proprietor of Locke Modern Country Store, a gourmet shop offering lunches and sophisticated take-home dishes and meals in the picturesque village of Millwood, Virginia. Her shop was recently featured in a Washington Post article.

“From the time I can remember, I have had a fascination with and a passion for food and flavors,” says Mackay-Smith. An early childhood specialty was a pineapple upside-down cake.

“The moment of turning that drab looking cake-top out of the cast iron pan, revealing the glistening golden-brown bottom all decorated with pineapple slices, will always be a magic one for me,” she says.

After graduating college, Mackay-Smith went to work for a prominent Boston-based catering company, during which time she was principal chef on numerous jobs. She also provided the food and managed a café at Harvard University. One highlight of that period was the night she was honored to cook a meal for Julia Child and her husband Paul—a rare experience for an aspiring chef!

After moving to Virginia where her father had grown up, her interest in growing food—produce, poultry, and hogs—took root. She helped establish the Clarke County Farmers Market, “put up” great quantities of food, created recipes for sauces, chutneys, pickles, and preserves, and established her own catering service.

When the old country store known as Locke and Company became available for sale, Mackay-Smith seized the opportunity and turned it into a destination for individuals who appreciate exceptional food featuring the best products the region has to offer.

Find all the Foxhunting Life recipes by clicking on Hunt Breakfast Recipes under the “Social” drop-down menu, or do it the easy way by clicking here!

First-place winners, please e-mail your mailing address to [email protected], and your prize will be mailed to you.

Posted March 19, 2011

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