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70Karen Ewbank is ready for cubhunting in her blue birdseye stock tie.

Back in early May we ran a story titled “The Blue Birdseye Stock Tie: A Smashing Style from the Past.” The story, about a little-known, mostly forgotten, yet very attractive and traditional item of foxhunting attire, turned out to be our best-read story of the entire spring season!

We thought it would be fun to bring the blue birdseye stock tie back into the hunting fields of the twenty-first century, and many of you agreed. So we researched the fabric, purchased a few yards, and launched its rebirth at the Virginia Foxhound Show at the end of May. It was a hit!

Here then, is a reminder: our informal season is only weeks away. If you’d like to start the season sporting one of your own, click here!

83cropLooks great under a lady's formal coat as well!p

The blue birdseye stock tie may still be seen round the necks of stylish toffs of a certain age, and can be spotted under the scarlet coats of field members in many of the old hunting prints painted by well-known eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artists.

In England and Ireland the blue birdseye stock tie is still worn by some huntsmen under their scarlet coats during the informal season. And though it was traditionally worn by field members of yore under scarlet coats during the regular season, today it might be wise to seek the Master’s permission before wearing it in place of the white stock tie during the formal season.

During the informal season the blue birdseye stock tie will be a handsome accessory under a tweed coat. With the Master’s blessing, it will also look smashing on ladies who wear dark blue coats during the formal season, and with gray Melton and black formal coats as well.

Foxhunting Life blue birdseye stock ties are available in two styles: four-fold (80-inches long) or shaped and slotted (72-inches long). If you require a different length or have other custom requirements, please contact us. To order, Click here.

Posted August 16, 2015


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