Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Order by December 18th for delivery by Christmas.
Order on the website or call 540-837-1436.


Calls on the Horn DVD
Huntsman John Tabachka, a two-time winner of the National Horn Blowing Championship, blows eight calls on the hunting horn and explains when and why these calls are used.

Regular Price: $20/Subscriber Price: $18

songs-of-foxhuntingThe Songs of Foxhunting CD
Twenty traditional foxhunting songs including John Peel; Here’s a Health to Every Sportsman; What a Fine Hunting Day; Drink, Puppy, Drink; A Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night; and many more!

Regular Price: $25/Subscriber Price: $22.50

cover.2016 calendar2016 Foxhunting Calendar
The foxhunters' favorite appointments calendar since 1998, with all new up-to-date foxhunting photos. Our images continue to represent the finest examples of the sporting photographers' art. Enjoy this year’s twelve 9-½ x 13-inch full color images of contemporary foxhunting scenes from North America, England, Ireland, and Germany!

Regular Price: $19/Subscriber Price: $17.10

Books 4bb895b2df0d9 100x144Foxhunting Adventures: Chasing the Story
by Norman Fine
The Derrydale Press
Thirty-two foxhunting stories populated by horses, hounds, challenging obstacles, and unforgettable personalities. Accompany Norman Fine to Ireland, England, Canada, and across the United States as he meets, hunts with, and is educated by the foremost Masters, huntsmen, hound breeders, and sporting historians of the last fifty years.

Regular Price: $35/Subscriber Price: $31.50


square crop2Blue Birdseye Stocktie
This colorful and traditional stock tie is seen worn by field members in many of the old hunting prints and books plates by eighteenth-century artists and authors. Although it went out of common use early in the last century, it is still worn by those few traditionalists who have the style to carry it off!

Regular Price: $50.00 (four-fold), $60.00 (shaped)
Subscriber Price: $45.00, $54.00

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