Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Willie and Helen GleesonWillie Gleeson was Helen's first and only boyfriend.

Willie Gleeson, from Knocklong, County Limerick, Ireland, died on November 5, 2017. He was ninety-two.

Willie was known to just about every foxhunting visitor worldwide who ever hunted with the world-famous Scarteen Black and Tans. He hired out well-schooled, athletic field hunters that carried visitors safely over the imposing and sometimes treacherous banks and ditches of the Scarteen hunting country. Many of those visitors had never before faced such obstacles, but Willie's horses knew what to do!

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# Norman Fine 2017-12-29 16:32
My wife’s Willie Gleeson story from around 1970: We had been hiring horses from him and were never disappointed. You know how before a meet you’re always watching the horses unloading and wondering, Is this one mine? A fourteen-hand gray pony came down the ramp and Willie brought it to my wife, Joan.
“A pony, Willie?” she says. “Are you sure?”
“I hunted her myself,” says Willie. “She won jumpers at Dublin. You’ll like her.”
“OK, if you say so.”
Joan mounted and some minutes later we were approaching the first bank and ditch. The horse in front of her hit the bank and flipped over backward. When the wreckage was cleared, Joan said to herself, OK, we’ll see. The pony jumped the ditch, scrambled over the bank like a cat, and cleared the double. Not a hesitation. I followed, saw Joan turn to me with a huge grin on her face. Never questioned Willie again.

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