Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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chip anderson3Huntsman Chip Anderson lay terminally ill on the morning of December 7, 2013 as the Santa Ynez Valley Hounds met for their Opening Meet at Master Steve Lyons' KickOn Ranch in Santa Barbara, California. Before hounds moved off, word came quietly to the Masters that Chip had died. Lyons chose to withhold the sad news until after the meet, when, along with the announcement, he dedicated the day to Chip.

I got to know Chip when I was editor of Covertside magazine. He submitted a hunting story to me for publication, and I was riveted. I published a number of his hunting stories and loved every one; they were full of adventure, suspense, danger, and exotic locales.

Chip was mad-keen to hunt. Whatever the game; wherever the habitat; he devoured the experience. He hunted wild boar with foxhounds in California, with Ariegeois hounds in Italy, with the Aidi dogs of the Berber tribes in Morocco, and with the Dogo Argentino on the South American pampas—sometimes with guns, sometimes with short swords, and sometimes with daggers in close combat. He was, for a time, a professional guide for dove and pigeon shoots in South America, and he wrote a fingernail-biter about shooting a cattle-killing jaguar that he tracked with a pack of dogs, one of which was a foxhound from the Tryon Hunt in North Carolina that he had bred while huntsman there.

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+3 # W.Steven Mruk 2013-12-11 10:50
I had the pleasure of meeting "Chip" during Fox Hunters Week in Tryon NC.many years ago,we hit it off right away,.Listening to Chips stories was mesmerizing,I spent time hunting with him and hanging out in local pubs,listneing to his adventures.I think Chip lived the life we all can only dream of and touched many of Our lifes, I will truely miss Him ....
+1 # Lizi Ruch 2013-12-11 19:30
I feel blessed to have hunted with Chip and the Santa Ynez Valley Hounds. Good times, beautiful country and always came away knowing I had a wonderful day.Remember him well, so very sorry to hear this news. I believe I still have some pictures from those times. Sending my thoughts and condolences, I will cherish these memories.
+1 # John Head 2013-12-19 16:53
Tonight in Rappahannock County, Virginia Patti and I will raise a glass to honor Chip, great sport that he was. Snow has come here early, and today Old Dominion Hounds went out and I was along. Chip would have enjoyed the snowy trails in the woods and the gallops across open slippery pastures.

When we hunted with Santa Yenz, Chip and Clair showed us the kennels and with pride and conviction told us about their breeding. A nice hunting day followed with Steve Lyons leading. We even "bought ' a pup at the auction which folled our day in the canyons. In the event that you have never heard an Amerciacn pack urged on in French, go see Calir hunt hounds! Chip will be there in spirit too.

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