Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Puppy Show Exclusive!

With privacy now a quaint relic of the recent past, we paparazzi can tune into intimate conversation wherever we wish. Recently our hidden camera and super-sensitive parabolic microphone caught Toronto and North York huntsman Antony Gaylard and his favorite hound Barter in an unguarded moment.

antony and barterCouldn’t you have given the judge just one little smile?

 antony and barter2But Boss, I’ve given you my heart!

Denya Massey Clarke photos

Posted July 20, 2012

Now...Turn Round and Round Really Fast, Mum

cub and brush

We had some good captions submitted on our Facebook Caption Contest, but Candy Love’s caption produced such an immediate and stunning graphic image to our mind’s eye, that we declared her the winner.

Candy, please email your postal address to me. Foxhunting Life would like to send you a gift for playing the game!

Posted July 3, 2012

The Sublime Prance

20120512155033 The Sublime Prance b 20x24 olThe Sublime Prance, oil on linen board, 20x24 inches, by Susan Smolensky

Okay, it’s not really a “Photo of the Week”; it’s a painting. But let’s not quibble with semantics. Foxhunting Life has featured Susan Smolensky’s art before, and when this new work of hers passed before us we felt the jolt and sympathized with the poor rider curling up into a ball of discomfort. Susan has the great talent to use her Impressionistic technique to capture a fleeting moment—the rider’s pain, the horse’s celebration of its freedom—in all their awkward, transient, and uncoordinated glory.

Susan is represented by the Chisholm Gallery and is currently displaying many of her Steeplechase Series paintings at the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club Gallery in Wellington, Florida.

Posted May 14, 2012

A Collision Course?


Ken Graham has to be the envy of all foxhunting photographers this week with these amazing shots of fox and hounds at a meet of the Potomac Hunt (MD). Click Readmore to see a slide show of the complete sequence.

This fox had two options: leave covert and make for the open or beat the lead hound to the intersection and duck back in. Appearances notwithstanding, the fox had it calibrated just right and made its escape!

Is He Up to My Weight?


Denya Dee Leake was preparing to exercise her field hunter Fearnought bareback (under blanket), when Promise, her Jack Russell terrier, jumped onto the horse’s back from the mounting block. This wasn’t the first time!

There must be a message there. If you think you know what Promise is thinking, type it into the Comments box. The best quote will receive a gift from Foxhunting Life!

Posted January 31, 2012

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