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Out of Luck

Sedgefield Hunt photo by Edward HaynesSedgefield Hunt's coyotes are masters at sneaking by unnoticed. Photo by Edward Haynes.

Edward Haynes was in the right place at the right time to catch this coyote dart right in front of him, unlike the unsuspecting gentleman in the background who was sorely out of luck on this day with Sedgefield Hunt in North Carolina.

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Thanksgiving Biscuits

Aiken Hounds MFH Linda Knox Mclean photo by Jeff HendricksonAiken Hounds MFH Linda Knox Mclean vs the hungry pack. Photo by Jeff Hendrickson.

Jeff Hendrickson took this wonderful photo on Thanksgiving of Linda Knox McLean, MFH of Aiken Hounds in South Carolina, trying to keep the biscuits away from the pack! Such joy is seen on all faces, as it should be on Thanksgiving Day.

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Both Ends of the Spectrum

Steph Burch has some wonderful images from several English foxhunts this season.  They show both the highs and lows of our sport or shall I say the dry and wet?

Beaufort Steph Burch PhotographyDuke of Beauforts Foxhounds 2022 Opening Meet. Photo by Steph Burch Photography.

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The Nolichucky Coyote

coyote coming out of corn

It was the first hunt of the 2016 – 2017 season for the Tennessee Valley Hunt in East Tennessee.  I never saw this coyote come out of the corn. I had been listening to the hounds just ROAR around in that corn for an hour, when I saw this beautiful tweed coat against that landscape. I wanted to get photos of the coat with the Cumberland Mountains behind it, so I took a burst of about 5 photos. I never saw the coyote through the lens as I took the photographs of the coat.  Unbeknownst to me, the coyote had photo bombed the shot. 

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