Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Snow on the ground or falling from the sky, no matter. The Golden’s Bridge Hounds (NY) and huntsman Codie Hayes  are determined to keep coyotes on the move until the very last day in March. This coyote, writes photographer Jim Duggan, “kept circling as usual at this time of year with the mate and pups located somewhere on this fixture. Otherwise, I’m sure he would have taken the usual straight line away from the field. He got away with a zig and a zag, plus the help of snow falling and winds gusting to thirty-five mph. I sat at my spot overlooking an open field where I have had a few good shots in the past. Immobility and two hours of weather finally go to me, and I went back to the car. Found that my camera’s sun shade fell off, and had to drive back to my spot. Found the shade and then heard the hounds giving voice, coming in my direction. Ran back and got the camera just in time. Sometime you just have a little mazzol (luck), with a little experience."

Posted March 30, 2015

The Backyard Fox

fox6.cathy summers

Cathy Summers captured this photo and the others in our Gallery from her own house in Falls Church, Virginia. “For the last four years,” she says, “a vixen has made her home under a shed in my backyard, and I have been able to use my house as a blind from which to photograph the various litters.” Click for more of Cathy’s fox images on her website, including captivating pictures of last year’s litter of cubs.

A Piedmont Fox

piedmont fox

This flying fox was captured in mid-flight by the lens of photographer Douglas Lees. Click for a Photo Gallery of the Piedmont Fox Hound’s meet at Blue Ridge Farm with first whipper-in Neil Amatt temporarily carrying the horn for injured huntsman Spencer Allen.

Posted February 9, 2015

I'm Outta Here!

 Blue Ridge Hunt 10-3-14 Fox gives chaseLIGHTENED2

Photographer Nancy Kleck caught Charlie streaking, and Blue Ridge Hunt field members staring, at a recent meet at Catherine Berger's Rolling Hills Farm near the Shenandoah River. Click photo for larger view.

Quick on the Draw!


Photographer Jim Duggan, out with the Golden’s Bridge Hounds in New York, had to be as quick on the draw as Wyatt Earp to capture this amazing shot. “A slight movement in the weeds and there he was, and as quick as a flash, he was gone!” said Jim.

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