Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Passing the Horn at Potomac

Photo by Karen Kandra Wenzel


Larry Pitts, huntsman for thirty-five seasons at the Potomac Hunt (MD), passes the horn to huntsman Brian Kiely at Opening Meet, 2015. Pitts leaves behind a brilliant legacy of breeding American foxhound Champions and Grand Champions, including the impossibly handsome MFHA Centennial Grand Champion, Potomac Jefferson 2005.

Posted November 20, 2015

Forty-Five Years Carrying the Horn

hugh robards.emilyHugh Robards / Emily Robards photoHugh Robards, huntsman for the Middleburg Hunt (VA), was recently photographed by his daughter Emily before mounting up for a cubhunting morning. Robards has been hunting hounds for forty-five years. After whipping-in to some of the most notable huntsmen in England—including Captain Ronnie Wallace at the Heythrop—Robards began his long career as huntsman at the County Limerick (IRE) for Lord Daresbury, MFH in 1970. After twenty-seven years of showing brilliant sport over the ditches and banks to sportsmen and women from all over the world, he moved to the U.S. Robards is the author of an out-of-print memoir, Foxhunting in England, Ireland and North America and Foxhunting: How to Watch and Listen, now in its second printing.

Posted October 11, 2015

Golden's Bridge at Colleys' Windswept Farm

gbh at windsweptHelen Houghton photo. Click photo for larger view.

Paul Kraus sent us this photo by Helen Houghton of a recent meeting of the Golden’s Bridge Hounds (NY). Click for larger view.

Helen arranged the shot in front of “Windswept,” home of Master Gene Colley and his wife Lois (standing), after a lovely hunt featuring an energetic run after a fine, young coyote. The field enjoyed an excellent view at the end as hounds pushed their quarry into a piece of country that could not be hunted that day.

“A delicious hunt breakfast followed on the shaded back patio overlooking the farm, hunt country, and distant hills,” Paul writes. “The grand finale to a wonderful morning was to see two of the Colleys’ lovely polo pony mares with two-day-old foals being led to the barn.”

Posted September 25, 2015


foxintree.cilibertoJody Ciliberto photo

Mounted staff were exercising the Red Oak Foxhounds, as photographer Jody Ciliberto followed in her car. She saw a sudden commotion—fingers pointing, hounds jumping, sterns waving. Jody jumped out of the car with her Canon 60D fitted with a 35mm to 200mm lens, managed to get within ten feet, and took her shots.

“I was happy for days,” Jody writes. “It’s not often I get a chance to photograph a fox that isn’t running away!”

Click for a full screen version!

Posted August 24, 2015

Starting Young at Green Creek

carolina1Carolina Foster at the 2015 Carolinas Hound Show / Anne Shue photoWith a bit of instruction from Tot Goodwin, MFH and huntsman of the Green Creek Hounds (SC), two-year-old Carolina Foster showed Green Creek Rita 2007 in the Junior Handler class with confidence beyond her years. Carolina’s pal, Sophie Martin, an older woman of five, also showed in the class. Carolina’s mother Anne Shue and Sophie’s mother Shanna Mauldin both whip-in to Tot. The two wee ladies appear to be following in their mothers’ irons. We hope so!

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