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The Fox that Collects Shoes

german fox hoards stolen shoes

We’ve all heard of certain ladies who collect more shoes than they could possibly wear, but foxes?

In a Berlin suburb in Germany recently, according to the BBC and Deutsche Welle, footwear was disappearing from homeowners’ yards—sometimes a single shoe, sometimes the pair. Residents were on alert to determine the culprit.

It was a fox, caught on camera with a pair of blue flip flops in its mouth, stealing quietly across the cobblestones. Christian Meyer, the photographer, discovered the stash of more than 100 shoes: slippers, sandals, running shoes.... But Meyer’s missing shoes were not among them. Which goes to prove that even animals won’t keep all their eggs in one basket.

Posted August 10, 2020

The story was brought to us by our Minneapolis correspondent, Karin Winegar.

Foxhounds in a Kennel

foxhounds in a kennel.christine merrillFoxhounds in a Kennel, Christine Merrill (American, Contemporary), oil on canvas, 42 x 60 inches, framed: 49 ½ x 67 ½ inches, contact gallery for more information.

This painting of foxhounds in kennel, almost monumental in scale, caught our eye. Offered by William Secord Gallery in New York City, the composition by a contemporary artist is reminiscent of many we’ve seen by traditionalists such as John Emms (1843−1912) in particular, but the execution veers dramatically from the style of the traditional Masters. We are also reminded of Emms’s work in the very scale of the framed painting: 49-1/2 x 67-1/2 inches; Emms often worked in this large format.

Read more ...

A Best Buy for Ladies of Discernment

silk hunting veil

Ladies, if you’ve been at a loss as to where to find a silk hunting veil for your side saddle habit, Foxhunting Life has solved your problem with the help of Daphne Wood, MFH, Live Oak Hounds (FL), who has sent us this image with her highest recommendation for fit, wear, and quality. And such a good deal!

Posted May 11, 2020


The “O” Boys

pow.angela murrayRed Rock Master and huntsman Angela Murray with her “O” boys, (l-r) Oslo and Oops  /   Nancy Stevens-Brown photo 

Just before the start of the current season, Nancy Stevens-Brown shot this photo of Master and huntsman Angela Murray, Red Rock Hounds (NV), telling two of her up-and-coming “O” boys that hunt season is only weeks away. Oh, boy, were they ready!

The two young dog hounds, Oslo and Oops, were unentered two-year-olds from a litter of six drafted from Walter Epp, the gentleman who started Red Rock founder and Master Lynn Lloyd with her Walker hounds. "They’re all rock stars," says Angela.

She reports that the pair are hunting brilliantly and maturing into what she hopes to be incredible breeding stock for the pack. Masters and staff are in love with the drive, stamina, grit and biddability of their “O” boys, and Oslo now has a litter on the ground.

Posted March 16, 2020


jenny Irwin on Jan 7 20Selfie by hard riding Jenny Irwin, who rarely misses a day’s sport.

A winter storm blanketed the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia on a hunting day for the Blue Ridge Hunt. The gently falling snow quietly covered the drabness of the frost-killed rolling fields and bare trees. It also produced rosy cheeks and a soft, white covering upon those hardy souls who embraced the temporary beauty of a wintry day in the woods and fields.

Posted January 26, 2020

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