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Norfolk Hunt's 2023 Opening Meet by RuthWorks Photography

Norfolk Hunt Club in Mass Opening Meet 2023 with Prof Huntsman Steve Farrin and First Whipper in and wife Jennifer Rogers Farrin Photo by RuthWorks PhotographerNorfolk Hunt Club in Massachusetts Opening Meet 2023 with Prof. Huntsman Steve Farrin and First Whipper-In and wife Jennifer Rogers-Farrin. Photo by RuthWorks Photographer.

What a gorgeous place in Sherborn, Massachusetts for the location of the Norfolk Hunt's 2023 Opening Meet.  Ruth Baltopoulos was the photographer who was there for the colors and living history on parade at the Charlescote Farm Meet. 

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Roading for the 116th Season


116th Year Millbrook Hunt Roading Erin McKenney Huntsman Alex Price First WhipperIn July 1 Photo by Bill RichardsMillbrook Hunt's 116th First Roading of the new season. Erin McKenney, Huntsman, and  Alex Price, First Whipper-In. Photo by Bill Richards.

The first week of July was Millbrook Hunt's first day of roading hounds.  This is Millbrook Hunt's 116th season, which is just amazing.

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Over the Cane

De La Brookes Foxhounds Dude at Maryland Performance Trial held in January 2023 Photo by Andrew MuroDe La Brooke Foxhounds Dude at Maryland Performance Trial held in March 2023. Photo by Andrew Muro.

Such a lovely example of a Penn-Marydel in De La Brooke Foxhounds' Dude.  Not only is he a handsome fellow, but he would make a very nice show jumper with those tight knees!


Originally published on April 3, 2023


Moment between Moments

Henry Whittaker and RespiteHenry Whittaker with Respite. Photo by Storme Whittaker.

“Foxhunting is all about the moment between moments.” - Kristy Lathrop of Fort Leavenworth Hunt.

Here is a moment between moments, a young boy and a hound pause in the middle of the chaotic time when the hunt is gathering to begin the day’s sport. Content with their own company, two souls soak in the living history before them.

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