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Foxhunter Stimulates Children to Read

karin wprinzKarin Winegar brought her horse and her book for a show-and-tell and book reading.

Foxhunting Life is always mining for a good story.  And so, upon the conclusion of each hunting season we ask (on our FaceBook page), “What do you do in the off-season?” We got a dandy answer (and a story!) from author/journalist/foxhunter Karin Winegar of St. Paul, Minnesota. She’s introducing inner-city youngsters to horses and reading.

Karin, whose reports from Ireland and New Zealand you have seen on FHL, recently held a reading at Folwell School in Minneapolis for her first children’s book, Tina of Grand Avenue (Horsefeed Press). Tina was born too small and had an imperfect leg, but she had an “I can do it!” attitude that made her fearless, so Karin donated her to the St. Paul Mounted Patrol. Tina went through special training, encountering everything from sirens to gunfire. Karin’s book tells the true story of Tina’s adventures and her career with Officer Mark.

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Beatrix Potter: From Peter Rabbit to Foxhunting

beatrix potter1The Troutbeck Valley runs into the fells to the North East out of Windermere, through the seventeenth century village of Troutbeck. The road which runs through the valley rises dramatically toward the Kirkstone Pass and its famous Inn, rebuilt in the 1830s by Sewell the local priest.

As you climb the pass there is a superb view to the right of the head of the valley and the piece of land known as the Tongue (old Norse tunga or table land between two valleys) that joins Hird Ghyll on one side and Hag Ghyll on the other.

At the base of the tongue are the picturesque white farmhouse and outbuildings of Troutbeck Park Farm. In 1923 Beatrix Potter purchased the farm, the deeds containing twenty five separately described parcels of land running to 1875 acres for which she paid £8000. The farm was conveyed to her on 28th August 1923 making her one of the largest landowners in the English Lake District.

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Chasing a Fox: In a Little Black Dress

chasing a fox buttonFoxhunting Life editor Norm Fine was interviewed on the Horse Radio Network last Friday, July 26, 2012 by Helena Bee and Sissi Finn for their program "Chasing a Fox in a Little Black Dress." The interview was aired on "Stable Scoop," the network’s flagship program, and may be heard at the network’s website and through Stable Scoop’s other outlets such as The Chronicle of the Horse, iTunes Radio, Horse.com, Equestrian Life, and Chasing a Fox.

Helena and Sissi hunt with the venerable Myopia Hunt in Hamilton, Massachusetts. In addition to their radio programming productions, the pair has teamed up in a new venture which provides style consulting services for the hunting field as well as other equestrian pursuits and all related social activities such as hunt balls, hunt teas, race meets, fund raisers, polo matches, and cocktail parties.

“I have a long history in equestrian retail and a former career in corporate marketing,” says Helena. “With Sissi's style expertise and my business acumen, we figured we could eek out a small living from Chasing a Fox!”

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Melvin Poe Celebrates 93rd Birthday; Hunts Hounds

melvin.parker2Betsy Burke Parker photo

World-renowned huntsman Melvin Poe celebrated his 93rd birthday Sunday, August 25 by doing what only comes natural to the living legend—going foxhunting. Riding his favorite hunter and surrounded by Peggy, his wife of some fifty years, his four daughters, a bevy of grandchildren, neighbors, and friends, Melvin handled the horn and the reins with the cool confidence of a man one-quarter his age at what had to be a historic hunt.

"I can't believe he's still going strong," said Charlie Matheson, former president of the Orange County Hounds where Melvin served as huntsman some three decades. "He's an amazing man. We're so lucky to have him."

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