Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Tommy Lee Jones Honored Callar photoCongratulations to Tommy Lee Jones, the first recipient of the Ian Milne Huntsman’s Award, presented by the Masters of Foxhounds Association on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Biennial Staff Seminar dinner. Jones has hunted the foxhounds of the Casanova Hunt (VA) with distinction since 1970.

The award is named for the late Ian Milne, popular huntsman for the Fairfax Hunt (VA), to recognize and honor those professional huntsmen who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of foxhunting.

Posted April 25, 2012

Byers and Peace: New Joint-Masters at Aiken

Larry Byers  Joey Peace new Jt. MFHs Aiken HoundsLarry Byers and Joey Peace are new Joint-Masters at Aiken.  /  Randy Wolcott photoThe venerable Aiken Hounds (SC)—a pack steeped in the history of North American sport—has appointed Larry Byers and Joann “Joey” Peace as Joint-Masters. Established in 1914, the Aiken Hounds hunt the drag through the Hitchcock Woods.

Who Is This?

melvinalex2Or more to the point, who are these two giants of foxhunting? One is revered for his uncanny rapport with hounds; the other is remembered for his imaginative contributions to the world of horse sports and sporting scholarship.

This puzzle was posted on our Facebook page, and Carey Shefte was the first person to correctly identify both men and claim the prize. Foxhunting Life is sending Carey a CD of foxhunting songs collected by one of our mystery men. Read on for the answers!

Angela Royal Is New MFH at Red Mountain

angelaroyalAngela Royal, MFH  /  Sarah McKee photoAngela Royal of Rougemont, North Carolina has been elected Joint-Master of the Red Mountain Foxhounds.

She has been a dedicated supporter of the hunt for more than fifteen years, serving as Field Master, hosting the hunt’s annual Boxing Day Celebration, and participating in hound shows. She currently serves as whipper-in.

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