Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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codie hayes and needy.gianniniAt age 12, Codie Hayes showed Rose Tree Needy to the Grand Championship at the 2004 Virginia Foxhound Show, the first time ever for a Penn-Marydel. / Lauren Giannini photoFrom the moment Codie Jane Hayes became aware of the world around her, she took to hounds. She progressed from crawling to toddling among the pack of Penn-Marydel foxhounds bred and hunted by her grandfather Jody Murtagh, Jr., ex-MFH. She was a wunderkind, totally at home with hounds and crazy about them. From the way hounds take to her, she was born with a gift—that coveted invisible thread connecting her to hounds wherever she goes.  

In August 2014, Codie, twenty-two, became the professional huntsman for the Golden’s Bridge Hounds in North Salem, New York. This position at any hunt entails huge responsibilities, but after a glimpse into how she spent her childhood and teen years, there’s no doubt that she has been training to be huntsman since she came into the world.

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+1 # Joseph Murtagh 2015-03-14 10:35
AMEN, "Staying true to the line"
+2 # Norman Fine 2015-03-14 11:58
You gotta be proud, Jody!
# Kurt mueller 2015-03-24 11:03
# Olga Danes-Volkov 2015-03-25 05:53
What a great story, much appreciated, from the UK!
# Lili Wykle 2015-03-25 15:05
How awesome that Codie is living her dream at an early age! Great Article!
# CATHY EISING 2015-03-26 18:39
Ever thought of putting booties on the hounds for those hunts in the snow and ice? Extra work, but the mushers do it. Hope you have many more good seasons, look forward to the pups. Great job!

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