Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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The young lady was waiting in line—a long line, all the way outside the building—at the Virginia Foxhound Show when a soft-spoken, older man started a casual conversation. Where are you from? What hunt? Did you bring hounds to the show? How are they bred? What is your country like? He was interested in all she had to tell him about her hounds and her hunt. Then he strolled off.

"Do you know who you were talking to?" gushed a friend nearby.

The Poker Ride: A Fun Fund Raiser

Our FHL calendar shows two poker rides in June—one at Shakerag (GA), just completed, and one at North Country (VT), later this month. What is a poker ride? I wondered. Sandra Carnet at Shakerag enlightened me.

Every participating rider picks up one playing card at each of five stops during a ride. After the ride, the winning hands earn cash prizes.

At Shakerag, sixty-four riders paid $40 (adults) or $25 (juniors) each and enjoyed a beautiful two-hour ride in Shakerag’s clubhouse territory in northeast Georgia. The top four winning hands earned cash prizes of from $25 to $100.

Lunch was served afterward at the clubhouse, where participants snapped up raffle tickets to vie for more than a dozen gifts donated by tack and feed stores. Shakerag members organize and conduct the ride annually as a fund raiser for needed hunt projects. The Poker Ride is a popular event, says Sandra, and always draws a crowd of junior and adult riders from both English and Western disciplines.

Imagine the suspense as riders collect their cards and build their hands—the groans or cheers as the next card is dealt at the Master’s Spinney or at Major Kindersley's Coop. Sounds like great fun to me!

Master's Prophesy Fulfilled


"The day he was born, I held him in the palm of my hand and looked at him. I had just seen the movie, Gladiator, and the name came to me. ‘Maximus....Maximus!’ I said. ‘One day you are going to be Grand Champion at the Virginia Foxhound Show.’"

So recounted the proud and jubilant Joint-Master of the Live Oak Hounds, C. Martin Wood III, two years later, minutes after Live Oak Maximus 2009 was judged Grand Champion at the Virginia Foxhound Show on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia.

J.W.Y. "Duck" Martin, MFH, who judged the Grand Champion class, chose the English hound over the Crossbred, American, and Penn-Marydel champions based on his extravagantly beautiful way of moving.

See our Gallery of Virginia Foxhound Show champions.

Hunting, then Eating

Marcia Brody, whipper-in for the New Market-Middletown Hunt (MD), has teamed up with photographer Liz Callar to provide a short report and slide show of the Third Annual Bull Run Huntsman’s Hunt held last March. See article below.

Check out the latest recipe posted by Andrew Clarke — Salsa di Parmigiano. It looks easy to make and delicious. I plan to make it for the next hunt trail ride at my farm. And as soon as my tomatoes start producing, I’ll make it to spread over them. As Andrew says, "The possibilities are endless."

How about sharing one of your own favorite hunt breakfast recipes with FHL? Submissions are easy to post.

Calls on the Horn: A New Video

horncallsFHL is proud to announce our first video production, Calls on the Horn with John Tabachka. In the seven-minute video, John blows eight calls and explains when and why the calls are used by your huntsman.

John Tabachka is huntsman at the Deep Run Hunt near Richmond, Virginia. He is a two-time winner of the National Horn Blowing Championship at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg. Since John filmed the video, he’s been on a roll, winning the horn blowing contests at both the Virginia and the Bryn Mawr Hound Shows in May!

John's video, live on our site, is also available on DVD in the FHL Bookstore.

Introducing New FHL Features for Professional Staff and Juniors

As a result of talking to some of you early viewers, we have decided to add two more categories of subscriptions to our existing Charter Subscription offer—one for professional staff and one for juniors—each at half the price. The Professional Staff Subscription and the Junior Subscription, each at $20.00, give those subscribers access to all FHL content.

Furthermore, we have created networks within Forum for each of these subscriber groups. Hunt staff members are able to interact with each other and seek advice from their peers in a more focused environment, and Juniors may converse in their own language, a form of communication that remains utterly unintelligible to the adult world.


Norm and Guitar

I’m excited to introduce our new website—FOXHUNTING LIFE.

FHL brings you not only informative and entertaining content, but valuable reference and resource information—all in one place.

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