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nodh.klmKaren L. Myers photoLast month we announced a new feature on Foxhunting Life --- Hunt Club Pages. We have a page for every North American hunt with all the articles we have published about that hunt or referring to it. Now we want to make your hunt’s page even more informative.

We have added space for historical or descriptive text about each hunt plus a link to the hunt’s website. The description and link will always appear first on that hunt’s page—before the articles.

Go to the Horse and Hound drop-down menu (above) and click on Hunt Club Pages. You will land on a new page that lists all the hunts alphabetically. Each hunt’s name is a clickable link to its page on FHL.

For examples of our new enhancements, click on Belle Meade Hunt or Blue Ridge Hunt or Old Dominion Hounds or Stonewall Hounds. There you will see short descriptions about those hunts, followed by links to their websites, this followed by all the stories and articles published in FHL about or referring to those hunts.

We hope to add a description and website for every hunt. Help us make your hunt’s page more informative by sending a descriptive or historical paragraph or two—or more!—in a text or word file. Submission is easy. Go to the Horse and Hound drop-down menu, click on How to Submit, and attach your file there. Alternatively, email your text directly to [email protected]

Thanks for your enthusiastic reception of the Hunt Club Pages on Foxhunting Life. We will continue to try to make that resource even more useful and informative.

Posted August 21, 2011



+2 # Leslie Shepherd 2011-09-01 14:35
I think this is a wonderful new feature, the Hunt Club Pages. And may I also say that I really like Norman Fine's photo on this page. A true sportsman, perfectly outfitted in his Barbour coat, enjoying the great outdoors...does n't get any better. Thanks for all you do in keeping us up to speed with Foxhunting Life.

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