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NormanReaders will notice, we hope, that FHL’s Home Page is continually being updated with new articles. As new articles are posted, the older material is pushed lower on the Home Page until it disappears. Or does it? No, it doesn’t! Not completely, anyway.

Note that each article on the Home Page has a category heading in red type, whether it be Art, Literature, Hunt Reports, People, my Blog, whatever. These articles can always be recovered under their appropriate headings under the Horse and Hound drop-down menu above, whether they are still on the Home Page or long since gone.

So, anytime you wish to see articles on a particular subject, or want to go back to an old article you remember seeing on the Home Page, just find the appropriate category in the drop-down menus and click!


+1 # Cheryl Microutsicos 2011-01-02 12:31
There is also a menu item under "Using FHL" on the left column of the pages, which is a link to an index of all the articles.

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