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nodh.klmKaren L. Myers photoA bill to allow the hunting of deer and other wildlife on private property and state waters on Sunday has been passed by the Virginia House of Delegates and sent on to the state Senate for their consideration. Proponents of the bill cite the falling numbers of hunting licenses issued in the state, and believe that Sunday hunting will help stem the loss in revenue.

Maryland lawmakers are also considering the hunting of deer on Sunday, but seemingly for a different reason—the culling of the expanding deer herds.

There is resistance in both states to the enabling legislation. Some of the resistance comes from predictable directions—anti-hunting activists, hikers, trail riders, religious leaders—yet some of the resistance comes from a surprising quarter—foxhunters.

Some foxhunters feel that Sunday deer hunting will conflict with their Sunday foxhunting, and are opposing the legislation. Other foxhunters, conscious of anti-hunting pressures in general and the advisability of maintaining a united front with all hunters, fear that by opposing our brothers-in-arms on this issue we may be playing into the hands of animal rights activists who would like nothing better than to fracture our solidarity.

What's your opinion? Foxhunting Life invites your comments.

Posted February 15, 2014


# Marynell Eyles 2014-02-17 10:21
I have nothing against gun sports when done responsibly. But, I cherish the one day we can ride our own trails, in the woods, and not take a chance of an errant shot or some bored tree-sitter, shooting me, my dog, or my horse.
I asked the farmers who dine at our local general store for lunch what they thought...unani mously, they support no hunting on Sunday --- "I don't want to listen to shots on Sunday" it's not just us tree huggers.
# Michael Morency 2014-02-18 16:36
I agree completely with the other comment by Marynell Eyles: I think there should be a day when one does not have to hear gunshots or worry about where the bullets are flying, whether one is riding, hiking or just out enjoying a leisurely walk. It seems to me the other 6 days of the week should be enough to provide the opportunity for gun hunters to enjoy their sport.
# Laura Hunt 2014-02-21 04:26
How about trading Sunday hunting for one or two weekdays off?

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