Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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FHL wants your hunt reports! Stories and photos. Submit yours here.

Billy Vance at Eighty and the Fermanagh Harriers

Billy_Vance_MFH_and_huntsmanHow many huntsmen are hunting hounds at eighty years of age? Or to add a twist to that question, how many huntsmen having achieved that age have already hunted hounds for the previous fifty seasons?

Billy Vance, Joint-Master and huntsman of the Fermanagh Harriers, has achieved this milestone. To see him hunting hounds is inspiring, humbling, and brings home just how lucky we all are to be able to follow great horsemen like him across the countryside.

Crossing Greenwood: The View through the Helmet-Cam

Here’s another Video Hunt Report by foxhunter/steeplechase trainer Pat Cooney. The Blue Ridge hounds are heard early on, but the field soon finds itself playing catch-up, and the gallop over open country taking the coops as they come make this a fun video.

We invite action videos from your hunt!

Posted January 18, 2012

Plantation Hunt Weekend in South Carolina's Lowcountry

hw12-006(l-r) Maria Stine, MFH, Mecklenburg Hounds (NC); Tommy Gesell, whipper-in-in-training, Lowcountry Hunt (center foreground); Doug Russell, huntsman, Windy Hollow Hunt (NY); Anthony Gibbs, huntsman, Lowcountry Hunt; Jay Thomas, MFH and huntsman, Mecklenburg Hounds  /  Erik Olsen photo

Plantation Hunt Weekend with the Lowcountry Hunt envelops visitors into the iconic imagery of the old south and its fabled hospitality. Held this year from January 19–22, the long weekend included three hunts, an introductory trail ride, and parties galore. Hunting was enjoyed on two of the oldest and most beautiful plantations in South Carolina’s magnificent Lowcountry. From the salt marshes to the groves of ancient live oaks dripping with Spanish Moss, the landscapes are dramatic and stirring.

Tally Slo! The Leisure Field Debuts at Red Rock

Ridgecrest_-_Shawn_Lloyd_-_13Joy Smith leads the Leisure Field on Kindred. By A.P. Indy, Kindred sold at Keeneland in 2006 for one million dollars, but has since found more satisfying employment.  /  Shawn Lloyd photoGreat ideas are sometimes borne of desperation.

I was desperate to get back on a horse after a lumbar fracture at the beginning of the hunting season. Having already sat out much of the season. I just couldn’t resist riding at the annual joint meet in Ridgecrest, California. Hounds and members of Red Rock Hounds (NV), Kingsbury Harriers, Santa Ynez Valley Hounds (CA), Grand Canyon Hounds (AZ), Paradise Valley Beagles (AZ), as well as members of several eastern hunts all come together for three days of hunting, eating, drinking, and mingling with great friends and fantastic animals.

Riding was definitely not on my list of “can do” activities, but give me a quiet horse and a promise to only walk then no harm can be done, right?