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FHL wants your hunt reports! Stories and photos. Submit yours here.

The County Louth Foxhounds at Lisrenny Estate, Ireland

Mrs_Sarah_Angel_owner_of_the_Louth_Foxhounds_wishes_new_huntsman_Alan_Reilly_wellMrs Sarah Angel, owner of the Louth Foxhounds, wishes new huntsman Alan Reilly well.The County Louth Foxhounds—founded in 1817 and one of the few packs of Old English breed of hounds in Ireland—have a new huntsman this season. Alan Reilly replaces Noel McKeever who sadly had to retire after nine seasons hunting hounds due to a recurring hunting injury.

The McKeever family has given exceptional service to this premier foxhound pack. Noel’s father Michael started working in the Louth kennels when he was fifteen years old. He whipped-in and hunted the hounds for a remarkable forty-four seasons.

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The Toronto and North York Hunt Grooms a New Generation


Toronto and North York huntsman Antony Gaylard waits to move off with hounds from Grandview, home of Wolf von Teichman, MFH and Gill von Teichman, in Thornbury, Ontario. Georgian Bay is in the background. Sophie and Tea vonTeichman joined their grandparents in the field along with Oliver Harris, grandson of Taddy Cork, ex-MFH.

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The Woodford Hounds and the Shaker Community: A Special Relationship

woodford_blessing1Anne Eberhardt Keogh photo
The Woodford Hounds (KY) held their Opening Meet on Saturday, November 26, 2011. The Blessing of Hounds was performed at Shaker Village in front of the Center Family Dwelling on Main Street.

The Woodford and Shaker Village enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The hunt kennels and club property share part of Shaker Village's northwestern boundary. Shaker Village very graciously allows us to hunt their more-than 3,000 acres. In turn we keep paths mowed throughout a section of Shaker Village known as Little Texas. We also refer to, promote, and encourage use of Shaker Village's lodging, dining, and stabling to our out-of-town visitors and others. We are a public-relations resource for them.

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Look, No Leashes! Goshen Hounds on Parade

goshenFoot staff (l-r) are Tom Pardoe, MFH; honorary whippers-in Ande Kinder, Liz Lavine (front), MacKenzie Taylor (behind), and Dr. Frank Becker; and Robert Taylor, MFH and huntsman.   /  Frankie Pardoe photoPerhaps nothing is more important to the perpetuation of foxhunting than public relations. Consequently, when a prominent member of the local agriculture community contacted the Goshen Hounds and invited them to participate in the “First Annual Lisbon Ole Fashion Horse Parade,” the response was immediate. “Count us in!”

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