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FHL wants your hunt reports! Stories and photos. Submit yours here.

Snickersville at Banbury Cross

todd_kern.karen_monroeHuntsman Todd Kern / Middleburg PhotoRide a cock horse to Banbury Cross

To see a fine lady upon a white horse

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

She shall have music wherever she goes

Although we can’t vouch for bells on toes, there were fine ladies on white horses on Sunday, September 18, 2011 when the Snickersville foxhounds met at Banbury Cross Farm in Middleburg, home of Nelson and Wendi Gunnell. Those fine ladies (along with everyone else) heard plenty of good hound music wherever they went from the pack of seventeen couple of Penn-Marydel and PMD crosses brought by huntsman Todd Kern. His report follows. [-Ed.]

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Chris Ryan Brings the Irish Method to Kentucky

080Chris Ryan, MFH and huntsman, Scarteen Foxhounds, Co. Limerick, IrelandFifty riders from four states converged on the Woodford Hounds’ kennels September 3 to 5, 2011 for a foxhunting clinic featuring Chris Ryan, MFH and huntsman of the Scarteen Black and Tans, County Limerick, Ireland. For those who haven’t ridden with Chris, it is a life-altering experience that centers on safety, preparation, and fun.

Chris taught three levels of riders: those already riding first flight, green but gutsy riders ready to move up, and second flight members wanting to ride more aggressively to follow and enjoy hounds better. Each group practiced many of the same exercises, which were designed to perfect straightness and pace.

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Mixed Pack Shows Great Sport at Stonewall

stonewall.liliLili Wykle, MFH and huntsman, Stonewall HoundsOn Tuesday October 19 we welcomed Todd Kern and fourteen of his Snickersville Penn-Marydel crosses to join the Stonewall Hounds (VA) for a weekday hunt. Todd was coming this way with a horse for one of is his whippers-in, Julia Bayliss, who is currently attending Sweet Briar college and hunting with us. This was very exciting for Stonewall because we had never hunted our country with a joint pack. Adding his seven couple to our eight-and-a-half couple made for a nice size pack.

Todd anticipated a good run on something besides red fox, his usual quarry. He wanted to get his hounds on game that they normally don't hunt, such as gray fox or bobcat or coyote. We have that type of varied game (and even an occasional bear) in our country and not many red foxes.

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New Huntsman at Myopia

MH_179Myopia's hunt kennel with its weathered shingles on Boston's North Shore evokes old New England.Robert Howarth is the new professional huntsman at the venerable Myopia Hunt located on Boston’s North Shore. Robert, originally from England and the Holderness Hunt, arrived at Myopia from the Hamilton Hunt in Ontario. He brought with him Liberty, an Old English foxhound which he bred whilst at the Holderness. I recently visited Robert and got to see Liberty again whom I walked as a puppy.

During my visit, I thoroughly enjoyed helping in Myopia's prestigious hunt kennel, with its red and cream decor, chandelier, and hounds peacefully resting in their lodges to the sound of the classical music!

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