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FHL wants your hunt reports! Stories and photos. Submit yours here.

The Scarteen Over the Big Banks at Lattin

chris_ryanChris Ryan is the eighth generation of Ryans to be Master and huntsman of the Scarteen Hounds.       Catherine Power photoThe present spell of hard weather has played havoc with hunting schedules, so the moment a thaw was forecast Scarteen put on a bye day at short notice for Lattin, situated between Tipperary town and the little town of Emly. The shortness of the notice did not deter a large and well mounted field from turning up. The area is almost unique in that most of the farmers in the area are either directly or indirectly involved in the hunt, resulting in unrivaled access to the country—a country of huge banks and almost no wire.

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Foxhunting and Polo: A Sporting Crossover in Aiken

Tallyho_TrophyThe Tallyho Cup (foxhunters and polo mallets) and Polo Saturday (polo players and hounds) debuted in Aiken, South Carolina this season, reaffirming the traditional Aiken bond between foxhunting and polo. The two sports have been entwined in Aiken since the early 1900s, when all the great polo names of the day—Hitchcock, Knox, Bostwick, Corey, and others—played polo in Aiken and rode to hounds as well.

Polo Saturday

In keeping with this historic tradition, Linda Knox McLean, MFH sent out an open invitation to all of Aiken’s polo players to cap with the Aiken Hounds on their polo ponies while wearing their polo gear. Dubbed Polo Saturday, the day was the brainchild of Theresa King, who hunts with the Aiken Hounds and plays polo on her foxhunter.

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Driver and Trevor: Puppies of a Different Species

DSC03297One-year-old Driver meets four-year-old Trevor on hound walk. / Glenye Oakford photoWHAT a beautiful day Saturday was! It started with a crashing thunderstorm that prevented me from riding over to catch our trailer ride to the day's hound walk, so I went out with the hounds on foot for what turned out to be a Very Special Morning. Young entry of two different species, each new to the field, met and got acquainted.

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A Dicey Intervention

gusforbush.klmField Master Gus Forbush, MFH / Karen L. Myers photoSaturday, November 28, 2009. A large field of about fifty or sixty met at Henchmen’s Lea near the Old Dominion Hounds' kennels. For the first draw, huntsman Gerald Keal had taken hounds to nearby Thumb Run. Field Master Gus Forbush was standing by a field of soybeans on Thumb Run when he heard hounds speak. Here’s his story:

“The hounds’ voices were weird,” recalled Forbush. “I wasn’t sure what was happening.”

At that point, Keal came galloping back and said there was a bobcat caught in a snare on the other side of the river.

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