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FHL wants your hunt reports! Stories and photos. Submit yours here.

The Kildare Foxhounds

Kildare_Whip_Ado_MoranWhipper-In Ado Moran negotiates the double bank.

The Kildare Foxhounds, kennelled on the grounds of  Punchestown National Hunt Racecourse in County Kildare on the east coast of Ireland, met recently at the village of Grangecon in County Wicklow. The countryside and the village were a sea of autumn colours; even the roads were a carpet of multi-coloured leaves.

Hounds met at Moore’s Pub which is run by Paul Moore, the fourth generation of the family. It is still a gem of an old-fashioned pub and was originally an old coaching stop. It is a sensibly laid out pub for hunting and racing fans, as when you are sitting at the short bar having a drink, you can also pick up a copy of The Irish Field, The Farmer’s Journal, and The Racing Post, which are strategically positioned within arms reach.

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Whiskey Road Hunt Week, Aiken, SC

Installment Six

2011_Aiken_Day_Ten_Joseph_Hardiman_and_fieldWhiskey Road huntsman Joseph Hardiman takes hounds, staff and field for a long day's hunting.Betsy and friends escape frozen Virginia for a week of hunting in warmer climes. We bring you Installment Six of her daily blog, exclusive to Foxhunting Life.

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Cambridge University Draghounds (UK)

cudh-limepits-46-2Jack Day, MFH flies a big Leicestershire hedgeA number of universities in England maintain packs of foxhounds or beagles hunted on horseback or afoot. Students often comprise the staff—Master, huntsman, whippers-in—and this tradition has provided a start for some of the most successful and brilliant Masters and huntsmen that England has produced—the late Ronnie Wallace for just one.

At Cambridge University a pack of foxhounds are maintained that hunt a drag laid by student volunteers, normally from the cross country track team. Hounds usually complete three or four "lines" during a day's hunting, which might take two to three hours.

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Farmington Hunt and J.B. Birdsall Honored for Conservation Success

20110129_0485J.B. Birdsall (holding trophy) is flanked by the Farmington Masters (l-r) Carol Easter, Pat Butterfield, and Joy Crompton. Cheryl Microutsicos photo

The Farmington Hunt and J.B. Birdsall received the 2011 Hunting Habitat Conservation Award at the MFHA Annual Meeting in New York City on Friday January 28.

Each year with each recipient of this award we witness yet another testament to the role of foxhunting in the preservation of open space. Arguably no other sporting culture has done as much to preserve land and natural habitat.

But, it often takes a leader, an individual driving force, to establish a culture of conservation within an organization. J.B. Birdsall—longtime foxhunter, landowner, and hunt member—provided that passion, commitment, and leadership for the Farmington Hunt to become a force for open space conservation in their hunting country.

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