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FHL wants your hunt reports! Stories and photos. Submit yours here.

An Education in Hunting Zig Zag Coyotes

Belle Meade ZigZag coyote and high viz vests Photo by Allison HowellBelle Meade Hunt after the Zig Zag Coyote run. Notice the high viz vests worn during deer season. Photo by Allison Howell.

“Do you know how to make sure you hunt on the best day of the season? It’s easy, you just have to hunt every hunt.”

Below is Epp Wilson’s hunt report of last week’s day of sport in Thomson, Georgia. Epp loves to check the weather data and game tables before each hunt. He has been studying what conditions effects scenting for decades, but he admits that he still hasn’t decoded it yet. Located in the deep south, Belle Meade is legendary for its coyote sport, and this day of hunting didn’t disappoint. They have a tradition of awarding Rough Rider points to all members who stay out for any run that lasts over 40 minutes. This hunt was an epic Rough Rider day. Continue to read for one of the best hunt reports you will ever read, and gain some pointers from one of the best huntsmen in North America. ***I have added a map from the GPS collars of their lead hounds at end.***

The Good Lord and Santa were both good to us Wednesday on the last hunt before Christmas.  Very good.

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Scarlets in Virginia

PFH DSC 3790 Oakley near Upperville Va. left to right Michele St. Once whipper in Jordan Hicks huntsman John Dean whipper in Douglas LeePiedmont Fox Hounds 2022 Opening Meet featuring whipper-ins Michele St. Once and John Dean, with huntsman Jordan Hicks in the center. Photo by Douglas Lees.

It's now the season of braided hunt horses, spotless turn-out, tally ho wagons, and outdoor blessings. In other words, it’s time for Opening Meet! Douglas Lees was a very busy photographer in Virginia recently as he attended Opening Meets for Piedmont Fox Hounds, Old Dominion Hunt, and Warrenton Hunt.

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Revisiting Opening Meet

Mission Valley IMG 2093 Olivia Daniella med2022 Opening Meet of Mission Valley Hunt. Photo by Olivia Daniella Photography.

Kansas photographer Olivia Danielle Long attended Mission Valley Hunt’s 2022 Opening Meet at the Fin and Feather fixture in Kansas, and it brought it back memories of foxhunting as a teenager.

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An Irishman's View of Kansas

James Tonery has a fun video of hunting with Mission Valley for their 2022 Opening Meet.

James Tonery is from Galway, Ireland. His farm in Ireland revolved around selling horses, leasing hunt hirelings, and trekking tours. Trip Advisor has a Hall of Fame (who knew?) where James’ trekking tour business is honored. James moved from Ireland to Rhode Island in March 2020 to be an equine professor at James Wales University. That’s when he got the idea to visit a hunt in every state. Recently he visited Kansas to hunt with Mission Valley Hunt for their 2022 Opening Meet. The huntsman for Mission Valley, Ryan Beer, loaned him a horse.  Enjoy the video!

Orginially Published on November 13, 2022.

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