Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Fox Hounds

Hamilton Lily-belle Is Canadian Grand Champion

canadian.13Hamilton Lily-belle caught judge Captain Ian Farquhar's eye each time huntsman Andrew
Marren brought her into the ring.

An un-entered English foxhound who attracted the judge’s eye every time she entered the ring gave cause for great celebration at her home kennels where the Hamilton Hunt (ON) hosted the Canadian Hound Show on Saturday, June 8, 2013. Hamilton Lily-belle started her sweep by winning the class for Un-entered Bitches. She then proceeded to win the English Bitch Championship, the Un-Entered Foxhound Championship, the English Foxhound Championship, and the Grand Championship of Show.

“[Judge] Captain Farquhar told me it was rare for an un-entered hound to win a grand championship,” said Hamilton huntsman Andrew Marren, “but she screamed out quality to him in every class.”

Collecting the Lost Hound

lost hound.gaston"Lost Hound" by Jane Gaston: illustration from the
book of the same name by Robert Ashcom
All foxhunters know that a lost foxhound on the road is a situation that cannot be ignored. There are many possible outcomes, most of them bad. In fact, Jerry Miller, MFH of the Iroquois Hunt (KY) announces to all his members that if they see a lost hound and get it safely back to kennels in their car, he will personally pay for a complete car cleaning! It’s often not an easy job to coax a lost hound into your vehicle, as anyone knows who has tried it. Here’s a story of how one clever woman did it.

Foxhounds, Harriers, and Beagles at Stradbally Hall

imfha.2013.doghoundChampion dog hound Tipperary Chieftan '12 shown by huntsman Derrie Donegan  /  Noel Mullins photo

Stradbally Hall in County Laois, the Cosby Family seat since the 1500s, provided once again an impressive backdrop for the annual Irish Masters of Foxhounds Show. Held in Mediterranean style sunny weather, it made it all the more difficult for hunt staff who were wearing their heavy Melton wool jackets more suitable to the weather conditions of the hunting season.

Hunt Staff Changes
The show is the culmination of an extraordinary amount of preparatory work by hunt staff from thirty-two foot and mounted packs representing most counties around the country. Many of the packs have used each others stallion hounds, or drafted surplus hounds, but that said it is also a time for an annual catch-up on changes in hunt personnel.

Ado Moran former whipper-in to the Kildares has taken on hunting the Carlow Farmers Foxhounds, and Mikie Moran who whipped-in to the Killinicks has replaced him.

Graham Buston has left the County Limericks for sunnier climes in the USA, hunting Hal Barry’s Bear Creek Hounds in Georgia. Buston is succeeded by James Bradley of the North Herefordshire.

Foxhound in the House: Redux

cathy eising1

Just about one year ago, Cathy Eising wrote and asked Foxhunting Life if we could help with advice on how to raise her young "mostly foxhound" as a family dog in a suburban environment. She was especially concerned about whether or not she could curb its hunting instincts to the point where she could take it for long walks in the woods off the leash.

We submitted her question to our FHL Panel of Experts, the consensus of which cast some doubt on prospects for the achievement of Cathy’s goal, primarily because of the hound’s young age. Our Experts were right! Cathy has written to bring us up-to-date on her project:

“I’m not sure I would adopt another foxhound as family dog,” Cathy reports, “but I have learned much, stayed in good physical shape, and grown to appreciate the world of foxhunting.

“Although my first goal—having this animal walk off-leash and follow me in wooded areas—has not been achieved, much has been learned in the ongoing efforts to fulfill his energy and redirect his drives!

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