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Fox Hounds

Myopia Gallant 2008 Is Grand Champion at New England

June 25, 2010
ZF-0733-50128-1-001Myopia Gallant 2008, a handsome example of the modern English foxhound, dominated the flags at the New England Hound Show on June 13, 2010 to emerge Grand Champion. With Exmoor bloodlines on both sides of his pedigree and Heythrop blood in abundance on the male side, Gallant surely benefitted from the renowned breeding mastery of the late Captain Ronnie Wallace, who had brilliant tenures as Master and huntsman at both hunting establishments in the UK.

Old North Bridge Dandy 2002, a venerable brood bitch for that Concord, Massachusetts based hunt, was judged Champion American Foxhound. North Country Nacho 2004 traveled south from New Hampshire's and Vermont's Connecticut River Valley to capture the Crossbred Championship. And the Penn-Marydel Champion was Shakerag Valor 2007, a traditional black and tan hound full of Andrews Bridge bloodlines on the top side.

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The Galway Blazers Puppies Enter Glorious Tradition

MFHs Michael Dempsey and Vincent Shields

The Galway Blazers Puppy Show drew a large attendance at the Kennels in Craughwell, County Galway, Ireland.

Michael Dempsey, internationally known Joint-Master and former huntsman of the Galway Blazers for the last 32 seasons, has maintained some Old English bloodlines in his pack. He likes a light hound that can bank the Galway walls and leave the stones in place. Vincent Shields was attending his first puppy show as a newly appointed Blazers Joint-Master, while retaining his current Mastership of both the East Galway Foxhounds and the Roscommon Harriers.

One is ever mindful of the great tradition of hound breeding at the Blazers’ kennels, particularly when thinking of previous huntsmen like Captain Brian Fanshawe, Paddy Pickersgill, and above all American-born Isaac Bell who hunted the pack from 1903 to 1908, and who made such a lasting contribution to what is now known as the modern English foxhound.

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Puppy Show Runner-Up Takes All at Canadian Hound Show

Clasher and Clementine (foreground) with huntsman Antony Gaylard
Clasher and Clementine (foreground) with huntsman Antony Gaylard

The experts tell us that puppies can change from one week to the next. Not that Toronto and North York Clementine was ever an Ugly Duckling. But to go from Reserve Champion at the hunt’s puppy show on one weekend to Grand Champion of the Canadian Foxhound Show the next weekend is certainly a remarkable feat for any un-entered hound.

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Farmington Hunt Puppy Show 2010

(L-R) Marksman and Marmite, best dog and best bitch

The annual Farmington Hunt Puppy Show was held at noon on Sunday, the first of many hot days of summer 2010, June 20th at the kennels. Pimm's Cup and other cool refreshments were served ringside by Forbes and Sherry Reback, and a post-show luncheon was served at the clubhouse by former club president B.J. Korol, with help from Kay Barquin, Shelly Thompson, and secretary and social co-chair Pattie Boden.

The hunt staff, Daron and Alison Beeney and kennelman Tom McCauley made sure the grounds were in beautiful shape for the event that welcomed a good crowd of members, visitors from out of town, and the Free Union neighborhood. Guest judges were Mrs. Phelps S. Hunter, ex-MFH of Los Altos Hounds (CA), and Martyn Blackmore, huntsman for the Loudoun West Hunt.

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