Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Fox Hounds

The sheer beauty of a level pack of foxhounds is indisputable. There is a uniformity of appearance and traits, and such a pack tends to run well together. But isn't there another option?

Why not a pack consisting of foxhounds of various types, welcoming the unique attributes of each hound type? Breeders know that no single type offers all the best attributes we want in a pack; hence the English-American Crossbred. But within those two categories there are still more individual types with more concentrated attributes that could allow each type to contribute at the appropriate stage of any hunt just when needed.

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# Nancy Mitchell 2018-11-05 12:19
I am so much gratified by this article. Thank you!
# Ginny Howard 2018-11-06 12:40
Great camera work!
# CATHY EISING 2018-11-09 20:52
I'm not able to view the video, have tried it on desktop and iPad. Any tips? Thanks . . .
# Cheryl Microutsicos 2018-11-10 08:47
Cathy I will email you with some information that might help!
# Norman Fine 2018-11-10 09:38
Martin Scott, longtime Master of the VWH and Britain's leading expert on hound breeding, writes that he “found the story interesting but [cautions] it will take a long time to blend a pack accordingly."
# Deborah K Bundy 2019-02-26 11:14
Great video and explanation of the huntsman's breeding plan. It does seem to be a long, ambitious project. Best to all involved. Hope you follow up on the progress.

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