Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Fox Hounds

canadian17.toronto north yorks blue ridge wentworthThe conformation of Toronto and North York's Blue Ridge Wentworth 2015, Grand Champion Foxhound at the 2017 Canadian Foxhound Show, is clearly seen in this well-posed photograph. / Denya Massey photo

This may come as a surprise to new hound show photographers, but...

...your primary purpose at the hound show is to produce hound portraits that clearly display the conformation of those hounds recognized by the judges as superior examples of the breed.

Secondary purposes may be to include the smiling faces of the Masters, handlers, distinguished trophy presenters, and judges, along with candids of attendees enjoying the day and the action in the ring. Those are nice things to do. But they’re secondary. The hound show is about the hounds.

There are those experienced photographers who are expert at photographing four-legged animals, both hounds and horses. The basics are pretty similar. Editors of sporting magazines—those who cover dogs, hounds, horses—love those photographers. They make us proud by providing images for publication comparable to our unforgettable prose. So, here are some basic guidelines for shooting hound champion portraits at hound shows, even those that include all the smiling faces.

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# karen wenzel 2018-06-01 09:41
Well said - it's very difficult getting just the hound, but we try!
# Liz Callar 2018-06-14 08:10
I shoot focused on the shoulder and at eye level. Not in front or behind the hound shooting down. I shoot horse conformation shots the same correct way for over 30. Just shot for Bryn Mawr 3 weeks ago.

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