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Fox Hounds

marjolaine botsfordMarj Botsford would winter the hunt's puppies again, but do it differently!A few years ago, the Ottawa Valley Hunt (ON) huntsman at the time, Mr. Adrian Quick, made a request for volunteer families interested in being sponsors for hound puppies over the winter. My husband and I volunteered to take on two puppies. We are animal lovers and were between canines at the time.

In late November, the puppies arrived—Hamish and Hawkesbury. They were about six months old. Being familiar with family dogs and not hounds, we asked Adrian if there was anything in particular that we should know about foxhounds. His advice was to feed them lots of proteins. We knew that hounds are working animals and not family pets so we prepared a stall in the barn for them. Feeding proteins was not a problem as my brother has a dairy farm and a side business selling beef; therefore we had access to all the organ meat the hounds needed.

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# Linda Armbrust 2016-07-07 17:10
Why did they not go out to walk until 6 months old? Have never heard of that one!!
# Norman Fine 2016-07-08 12:32
This is not puppy walking; they do that in the fair weather. By wintering puppies out during the harsh season, it relieves some of the work in the kennels. Both puppy walking and wintering provide opportunities to socialize puppies.

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