Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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farnley.kleinFifteen Cleveland Bays convened for a celebration of the breed at a special meeting of the Blue Ridge foxhounds at Farnley. / Matthew Klein photo

How fitting that a large contingent of Cleveland Bay horses should convene at Farnley Farm for a special foxhunt with the Blue Ridge Hunt on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

The late Alexander Mackay-Smith, a past Master of the Blue Ridge, and his wife Joan purchased Farnley, near White Post, Virginia, in the 1930s. During Mackay-Smith’s travels in England over that decade he decided that the Cleveland Bay horse made the ideal field hunter. He imported and bred Cleveland Bays and introduced the breed to foxhunters and to other horsemen in this country.

Today the breed is dangerously rare, with only about five hundred purebreds in the world and less than two hundred in North America.

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# Elizabeth H. Sutton 2011-11-30 09:08
I have a Cleveland Bay cross, out of a CB mare named "Country"(who still hunts with FHC at age 20+), by the connemara stallion "Ian McVeigh". I would like to know more about the CB pedigree to trace her geneology-she has so far been a good example of all this breed represents, and I wonder why they are not more commonly found in the hunt field?
# Steffanie Burgevin 2011-11-30 09:24
I have had a total of six Clevies, all hunted well and regularily. Two have gone to the great beyond, but I still have four. Three were at the CB day at Blue Ridge. I have seen more and more in the hunt field, but frankly, since they are so rare, you will never see the multitude like an Irish cross. There are several breeders around the country, so check out the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America website for more info. Do you know Country's breed registry number? You could find out more by contacting the Cleveland Bay Horse Society in England.

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