Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Horse Trailer Expert Shares Best Kept Secrets

Before the new hunting season begins, and especially for you who plan to put on serious mileage traveling to any of the exciting Hark Forward! events scheduled for the coming season, now is the time to take stock of your horse trailer and have it inspected by an expert. We asked an experienced dealer about safety considerations when transporting horses by trailer.

river vally1River Valley aluminum side and rear loading tag-along

"One of the first issues to address with trailer owners and buyers is horse safety and comfort," says trailer dealer Donna Martin, co-owner of the Ruckersville, Virginia based Blue Ridge Trailers. She said most people who have started to research their options know they should compare trailer sizes and floor plans to the size of their horses. However, she noted that there are several other angles to consider, too.

“While you certainly want to have enough space for your horse to feel comfortable, you should also prioritize light and ventilation, as well as how the horses will stand and balance themselves,” she advised. “How you intend to work out of the trailer also is an important consideration.”

Hunting in Style on Dartmoor: Where and How?

windemeet 1Watching huntsman and hounds draw across Dartmoor, 365 square miles of wild, open, and uniquely English moorland.

“I hope they’re feeding Royally properly,” murmured my grandmother (ninety-three), as she departed peacefully from this earth. Sixty years earlier, back in 1926, the foxhunter and show rider had won the ‘Girls Hunter’ class at London’s International Horse Show, riding her beloved Right Royal side-saddle, and I don’t think anything ever quite matched up. I’m gazing at her huge cup as I write.

Little did anyone dream that I’d continue the family equine theme, but earlier this year I opened a new business for experienced riders from around the world, offering riding and hunting holidays direct from my home, Wydemeet. Nestled in the heart of remotest Dartmoor—the wildest, most open landscape in Southern England—Wydemeet sits at the cusp of all four Dartmoor hunts: Dartmoor, South Devon, Spooners and West Dartmoor, and the Mid-Devon Foxhounds.