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dave ellis.vixen and kitsDave Ellis photo

I had found the den of a family of red foxes and was going early each morning to take pictures of the mother and her young kits. The kits were five or six weeks old, and were at that curious, exploring stage. Their life at that point pretty much consisted of eat, sleep, and play.

The father did not seem to be around, so the vixen had a lot of work to keep her four kits fed and safe. She was not stupid. She soon figured out that she could make use of me. She had to spend several hours each day off in the woods hunting in order to keep the little ones fed, which meant that without a father around, she would have to leave them alone and subject to being found by other predators.

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# Denya Massey 2019-09-16 10:51
What a wonderful story! Hope you let them keep the sweater!
# Susan Reeder 2019-10-01 11:38
I’ve heard similar stories from black bear photographers, who wound up as cub sitters when the mother left the cubs with them to go hunting.

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