Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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mardale_church.beforeThe Mardale Church in happy times

Ready for demoloition

Here are the final chapters of The Mardale Hunt by Ron Black. Through the courtesy of the author, Foxhunting Life has brought you the entire book in installments, with an invitation to download each installment to your computer.

Generations of Ron Black’s family have followed the Ullswater foxhounds at the Mardale Shepherds Meet both before the flood and after. The demolition of the ancient village, the relocation of the villagers, and the construction of a new Dun Bull Hotel and a new church were wrenching changes for inhabitants and hunting visitors alike.

Ron’s life underwent its own wrenching change when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. A side effect of his medication produced insomnia, and, with more waking hours to fill, he decided to collect all the history of this famous meet—records of the hunts, the many songs written and sung at the Dun Bull in tribute to huntsman Joe Bowman, and the story of the Manchester Water Project as it affected the lives of this community of sheep farmers. We hope you have enjoyed it.

In the course of bringing these downloads to you, we had a happy idea for the future. Please see Norm Fine’s Blog (above) for details!


Connect with the author by clicking here.

(To access downloads of previous installments, click here.)

Posted February 22, 2012


# Ron Black 2012-03-01 01:00
Thanks to all the people who downloaded my book, there were around 20000 downloads world wide, also thank you to those who took the time and trouble to e mail. I hope I answered your questions today the UK or part of it is experiencing a drought. it is always possible the ruins of the Dun Bull etc will be revealed again, if so we will post pictures on m. I am currently in discussion with two publishers re The Mardale hunt. I only printed 25 as presents to people who had helped but a second print run is a possibility
The book will be available as an e book (most formats) very soon.Thanks Norm for taking a chance and putting it on your excellent site and you for downloading and reading

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