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bowman.joe.ullswaterUllswater huntsman Joe BowmanHere’s Chapter 3 of The Mardale Hunt by Ron Black. Through the courtesy of the author, Foxhunting Life is bringing you the entire book in installments every two weeks. You are free to download the book to your computer. We hope you enjoyed the previous installments.

Excerpt from Chapter 3:
As I was sitting at tea in the Dun Bull the dogs barked and ran furiously into the road. “Dogs is likely coomin’,” said the servant lass, and in another moment Joe Bowman the well-known huntsman of the Ullswater pack and a couple of hounds entered the kitchen. “Git oot wilt tha,” he cried, and the dogs disappeared like a flash of lightning, then taking his huntsman's cap off, the stout-built man with the sturdy determined look and close-cut moustache, a man whose face had been weathered into mahogany with a touch of colour in the stain, bowed to the company and was soon at home with us all.


(To access downloads of previous installments, click here.)

Posted December 14, 2011


# Ron Black 2011-12-17 02:08
17th December 2011, to my complete surprise the total number of downloads from the four sites carrying The History of The Mardale Hunt is in the region of 8000 world wide, and the hunting does not start until Chapter 4! next posting
thanks to the people from this site who downloaded and took the trouble to e mail me

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