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the thaw1.lionel edwards"By the road where the ditches are ready to run!"  /   Lionel Edwards illustrationHark to the avalanche snow from the roofs
   O’er eaves where the icicles melt in the sun!
Hark to the musical suck of the hoofs
   By the road where the ditches are ready to run!
On the slope of the hill is a patchwork of green
    And the fallows are spotted with spaces of brown,
While woodlands and copses and hedges between
    Have lost the white burden that weighted them down.

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# gail andersen 2019-03-13 10:22
Norman, I love what you post and write yourself. It is always a nudge that re-awakens our passions for our equine sports and love of the outdoors. G.
# Karin Winegar 2019-04-11 16:13
FHL is such a wonderful blend of poetry, history, art, culture and news.

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