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Sporting Art Auction 2020 at Keeneland

auction.maiden ware horse 4 6Lot 9, Joseph Maiden (British, 1813 - 1843), WARE HORSE, Oil on board, 10-1/2" x 12", Signed, Inscribed en verso, $4,000 - 6,000

Sunday, November 22, 2020 will mark the eighth annual Sporting Art Auction at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion—a cooperative venture between the world’s largest Thoroughbred auction house and its Lexington, Kentucky neighbor, Cross Gate Gallery, a leading source of the world’s finest sporting art.

Bids may be made online or by phone for works by highly regarded artists at estimated prices as low as $1,000—a charcoal sketch by Munnings, for example. The hammer will fall on many lovely hunting paintings in the $3,000 to $10,000 range. At the more rarified altitudes, an Andrew Wyeth painting might bring six figures, and several of LeRoy Neiman's works are offered, one of which will surely fetch six figures. Be sure to see them when the online catalog becomes available.

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Liam Clancy: Foxhunter, Artist

                               “Elegance.” Maureen Conroy Britell out with the Piedmont Fox Hounds (VA). Acrylic paint on textured acrylic paper.

Irish artist Liam Clancy made a fast tour of the Virginia and Maryland hunting countries during the first week of March 2020—just before the world stopped in its tracks as the result of COVID. He got in some hunting, both mounted and on foot, and he gathered material for his work—painting commissions.

Liam works mostly in acrylic paint, which he likes for its versatility. “I can dash off something that looks like a watercolor, or build up a painting in layers as you would with oils,” he explains.

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The Hunt-Inspired Fine Art of Miniatures

Interchangeable cufflinks B dime size 17.91mmInterchangeable cufflinks, dime size 17.91mm

When Beth de Loiselle—a painter and instructor of fine arts—met up with the work of Susan Smith Burnett and Paul Eaton—both designers and makers of fine bespoke jewelry—the result was art for wearing, not hanging.

Dog and Horse Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina was representing these fine artists individually, but gallery owner Jaynie Spector also saw advantages to be derived by connecting the painter, de Loiselle, with the jewelers, Burnett and Eaton. She scheduled a sporting art event at the gallery and prompted Beth to furnish miniature horse portraits for cufflinks.

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