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Scouring the World’s Most Prominent Work of Equine Art

white horseIt takes a village to maintain the White Horse of Uffington

Not all art restoration is done with mild cleaners and painstaking brushwork every hundred years or so. In Oxfordshire, England, it takes a village equipped with hammers, buckets of chalk, and kneepads every few years.

Carved into the chalky grasslands of the Berkshire Downs three thousand years ago by an ancient people, the White Horse of Uffington covers the size of a football field and is visible from twenty miles away. And were it not for the people who originally created it, and all the tribes people and villagers who have resided in the vicinity ever since and maintained it, this amazing artistic accomplishment would have completely disappeared thousands of years ago.

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Sculpting With Paint: The Art of Brooke Major

brook major2"Being original is for true artists," says Brooke Major.

While auditing art classes at the fine art school in Paris, France, Brooke Major, an American artist, was told that painting was finished. There was nothing new to be discovered. Since her passions included both painting and sculpting, she decided to prove the art professor’s statement wrong, and sculpt paint.

“I have chosen monochrome white,” said Major, “since white is a reflection of light and can be changed into any color." By changing the color of the lighting, by lighting from different directions, and even by lighting from behind, the optical illusions produced by a single painting may be completely transformed.

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Artwork of Lisa Curry Mair: Unroll It, Hang It, or Lay It

mair.navigating the brook.wallOriginal painted canvas wall hanging by Lisa Curry Mair (3 feet x 6 feet)

Artist Lisa Curry Mair works in a unique genre from her studio in an eighteenth-century farm at the base of Mount Ascutney in Perkinsville, Vermont. She creates paintings, custom murals, and floorcloths on canvas in a folk-art style. Much of her work includes foxhunting scenes.

Mair’s commissions have come from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, several National Historic Sites, and hundreds of homeowners with specific ideas of what they wanted painted for their homes. Over the last twenty-five years of research, study, and “lots of mistakes,” she has developed the tools and knowhow to bring the client’s vision to light. Mair has attended classes and workshops since minoring in Art at Acadia University in Nova Scotia (while majoring in Mathematics and focusing on a career in riding).

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Fifth Annual Sporting Art Auction at Keeneland

heading home.pater.oilHeading Home, oil on canvas, Andre.Pater

The upcoming Sporting Art Auction on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion promises to be another outstanding sale for sporting art lovers. Several lots by contemporary American and European artists such as Michael Lyne, Andre Pater, and Juli Kirk feature both British and North American foxhunting. Estimated prices for the various foxhunting works range from $3,000 to $150,000. Click to view the catalog.

The hammer will fall on paintings by renowned artists such as John Frederick Herring, Jr., Henry Stull, Harry Hall, Henry Alken, Sr., John Emms, Gustav Muss-Arnolt, Franklin Voss, Lionel Edwards, Richard Stone Reeves, and Alfred Munnings. In the category of sculpture, works by Pierre Jules Mene, Alexa King, Marilyn Newmark, LeRoy Nieman, and others will be auctioned.

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