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Treasury of Foxhunting

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by Norman Fine

The Derrydale Press Treasury of Foxhunting is a revival of some of the best foxhunting stories, written by some of America's finest sporting writers, ever published. The collection is organized into four parts: I. Foxes, Hounds, and Horses; II. Hunting Humor; III. Stories; and IV. American Hunting History and Personalities. 

Representative works by David Gray, Gordon Grand, Somerville& Ross, J. Blan Van Urk, Richard Danielson, and many others were gleaned from more than thirty foxhunting books published by Derrydale, America's preeminent sporting publisher of the twentieth century. The selected works have long-since earned the distinction of classic.

Author bio

Norman Fine is the creator and former editor of Covertside, a publication of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. He lives in Millwood, Virginia.
Reviews for Treasury of Foxhunting

"This is an eponymous Treasury filled with a pack of stories that will offer all hunting people excellent sport."—Hunting Book Reviews

"The editor's introduction, the results of his skillful research of Derrydale's early work, is quite remarkable...The stories, written by experienced sporting people, should be espeically enjoyed during the hunting season... fun, informative and full of life and energy for those of us who cherish our horses, hounds, countryside and the characters we call good friends."—Paul Cronin, The NSL Newsletter

"A work of considerable importance in that editor Norm Fine has collected for eternity what must be one of the most impressive collection of foxhunting tales there is."—John Strassburger, The Chronicle of the Horse

"The selections, written by the foremost sporting writers of their day, hark back to the original sources of classic, rare, and mostly out-of-print works that established The Derrydale Press as the preeminent sporting publisher of the first half of the twentieth century."—Masters of Foxhounds Association and Equine Journal

"Norman Fine dishes up a feast of hunting tales, fact, history, and humor. Within the pages of this goldmine collection, readers will delight to the nonpariel prose from such story-telling legends as David Gray, Gordon Grand, and Somerville & Ross - all-time favorites in terms of hunting and riding tales."—Lauren Giannini, In & Around Horse Country

"Treasury of Foxhunting is a collection of essays, stories, fiction and hunting humor meant to inform and educate the reader."

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