Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Rycroft on Hounds, Hunting and Country

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by Benjamin Hardaway, III, M.F.H.

The late Sir Newton Rycroft's writings had a major impact on the foxhunting community, not only in England, but also in North America. A compilation of over one hundred articles of Rycrofts best articles, this handsome, oversized book covers every aspect of foxhounds from breeding to hunting in the field to the current political climate in England.

Author bio

Benjamin Hardaway, III, M.F.H. is the foremost American breeder of foxhounds. He lives in Midland, Georgia near Columbus. Sir Rupert Buchanan-Jardine M.F.H. is Master of the Dumfriesshire Foxhounds in England. James F. Scharnberg is Master of the Skycastle French Hounds in Malvern, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia.


"This is a definite must have for any serious hound person."
In & Around Horse Country

"Rycroft's articles are indeed excellent reading for all levels and types of hunting."
The National Sporting Library Newsletter


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Rycroft on Hounds, Hunting and Country. Do you have this book on stock?

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